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Business Communications, Inc.


Number of Employees: 185

Top Executive: Tony Bailey, CEO Tom Hinds, President & COO

Product or Service: Technology

Company Address: Little Rock: 900 S. Shackleford Road Suite 300 Little Rock, AR 72211

Headquarters: 442 Highland Colony Parkway Ridgeland, MS 39157

Company Phone: 501.907.5075

Company Fax: 501.907.5076

Company Website:

Important Dates in Company History

1993 BCI founded by Tony Bailey

1996 BCI creates Networking Division

1997 BCI opens office on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

2004 BCI acquires Nsight

2005 BCI opens office in Little Rock

2007 BCI acquires Spire Network Services of New Orleans

2007 BCI achieves Cisco Gold Certified Partner Status

2008 BCI included in Inc. Magazine's list of the 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America

How has your company changed since its inception? From its inception in 1993, Business Communications, Inc., has pioneered the delivery of comprehensive information technology services to corporations and institutions throughout the Southeast. Over the years, BCI has successfully adapted to the many changes and advancements in the technology industry, which has allowed the company to better meet the needs of its customers. The company has prospered by offering customer-focused communication solutions and maintaining a happy, highly capable staff.

BCI has grown from its Ridgeland, MS head quarters into an integrated network of design and technical assistance engineers with offices in Gulfport, Birmingham, Memphis, New Orleans, Little Rock, Mobile and Shreveport.


What are the biggest reasons for your company's success? As difficult as building a successful business may seem, it is, at its core, really very simple. Find innovative and motivated people, and then give them the tools, training and encouragement to achieve. That's what BCI has done.

Today, BCI employs a staff of more than 180 engineers, designers, programmers, technicians and support personnel who provide vital services to more than 3,000 clients, including universities, medical centers, government entities, financial institutions, manufacturers, corporations and retail outlets.

What are the biggest challenges our company has faced over the years, and how has the company overcome them? Opening new offices and acquiring a business are both huge undertakings that come with its share of risks and difficulties. During these times, BCI leans heavily on their experienced employees to create an opportunity for the business to expand while remaining committed to the principles which have served the company so well.

Why do your clients choose your company? BCI is much more than an IT Company; they are trusted advisors for its customers. BCI researches until they find the right solution for each client. After implementation, the company is always available for consultation and training. BCI's goal is to form a partnership that ensures mutual success.

What is an interesting fact about your company? BCI has always focused on employees' personal growth and well-being, in addition to their professional performance. BCI is a growing, highly competitive business, but they are also a family.
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