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Business 2.0 Magazine January/February 2004 Issue Highlights.

Business Editors


Business 2.0:


"101 Dumbest Moments in Business," by Adam Horowitz, Mark Athitakis, Mark Lasswell, and Owen Thomas, page 72

Our fourth annual roundup of corporate buffoonery spares no one, from the largest corporations to a lowly summer associate at a New York law firm. This year's business blunders feature Abercrombie & Fitch, Coca-Cola, Dairy Queen, Ikea, ImClone, Time Warner, lots of airlines, all the mutual funds, and much, much more.

-- PLUS: The Dumbest Moments in Business History. In conjunction

with Portfolio, an imprint of the Penguin Group, Business 2.0

has published its first book. The Dumbest Moments in Business

History, in bookstores Feb. 2, details history's most notable

business gaffes and executive missteps, from an 18th-century

inventor's electric Viagra to the brief, painful saga of



"12 Hot Startups," by the Business 2.0 staff, page 93

Hatched during the bust, these promising companies will be the first to ride the rebound. Don't forget: You read about them here first.

"The Phantasmagoria Factory," by Geoff Keighley, page 102

Cirque du Soleil is one of the rare companies that has utterly redefined its industry. In two decades and 15 separate productions, Cirque has never had a flop. It takes a wildly talented creative team to achieve such a record--and some very shrewd business decisions to sustain it.

"Under the Knife," by Melanie Warner, page 84

The health-care industry's archaic information technology is a major cause of its inefficiency. One doctor's struggle to slash red tape and wire his hospital shows how IT can save dollars and lives--and also suggests how far reforms still have to go.

"Titans of Tech: How the Chips Were Won," by Brent Schlender, page 109

Intel CEO Craig Barrett has a stern warning for his industry and his country: Those who don't invest will perish.


Face Time, by John Heilemann, page 41

A maverick union leader, Andy Stern, has endorsed unorthodox Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean. The move could change the campaign--and the fate of the unions.

The Message, by John Battelle, page 62

Today blogs are lousy media experiences for mere mortals. That's about to change--and so is the way you gather information for your work.

The Human Factor, by Jeffrey Pfeffer, page 58

CEOs seeking a software fix overlook the biggest problem a company ought to solve: a culture that's holding it back.


In Front:

Real Estate, page 29: Economic rebounds usually mean good things for the housing market. Not this time. A look at the impending squeeze on home prices, and some surprises among the nation's 15 most inflated markets.

Speed Read, page 32: Why the latest leadership books will leave you uninspired.

Startups, page 36: The new crop of startups that's getting rich selling emerging technology to Uncle Sam.

What Works:

Trade Secrets, page 47: How a vast data network called BudNet gives Anheuser-Busch its edge.

Infotech, page 52: At sprawling companies, new collaboration software is turning total strangers into like-minded work partners.

Business Plan 2.0, page 60: Joe Fedele's inventory-turning ideas may make FreshDirect the first Web-only supermarket to find profits.

What Doesn't Work, page 64: Why Nokia's new N-Gage, a cell phone and videogame console in one, is turning into a head-scratcher.

Cheat Sheet:

Getting a Leg Up in China, page 69: How to set up shop or sell your wares in this fast-changing market.


Ask Evelyn, page 115: Why, on a rare occasion, you might break the rules about confidentiality.

Careers, page 116: A good life coach can make your day harder--and your entire existence easier.

Power Toys, page 120: Maserati's Spyder GT is the entry-level course in va-va-vooming. There's one prerequisite: You have to learn how to drive all over again.

The Best, page 124: Everything you want in a vacation home, without the astronomical prices.

The Smartest Business Moves of 2003, page 126: McDonald's supersize earnings, Bravo's Queer makeover, the iTunes Music Store, and more.

The January/February 2004 issue is available on newsstands Feb. 2. For more information, or to schedule an interview with a Business 2.0 writer or editor, contact Marlene Saritzky at 415-293-4839 or, Karen Palmer at 415-293-4837 or, or Laura Goldberg at 212-725-2295 or
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