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Business & General Aviation News - North America.

New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & General Aviation News North America) Mar 14, 2010

Central Texas to add 2 general aviation airports. Central Texas may soon be home to two new general aviation airports. The Central Texas Airport and Austin Executive Airport will both offer general aviation services to the Austin area. "A business airport supports business," said Bill Gunn, the Texas Department of Transportation's aviation division director. Mar 12, 2010

General aviation faces heightened security. The IRS attack in Texas by a private plane has raised the specter of increased security for general aviation. "With user fees at least temporarily off the table, the big push now is security," writes columnist Charles Spence. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is still investigating the crash, which was classified as a criminal act. Mar 12, 2010

GA advocate John L. Baker dies. Pioneering GA advocate John L. Baker dies. John Lee Baker, AOPA's president from 1977 through 1990, passed away early March 11 at his home in Angier, N.C. Baker navigated general aviation through the increasing airspace challenges of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Mar 12, 2010

FAA: General aviation fleet to grow by 2030. According to a forecast by the Federal Aviation Administration, the general aviation fleet will add 50,000 airplanes and 52,000 active pilots by 2030. "This forecast makes a very strong business case for NextGen," said FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt. Mar 11, 2010

Student pilot lands helicopter at Connecticut prep school. A high school senior landed a helicopter at St. John's Prep in Danvers, Conn. Accompanied by a flight instructor, Erik Slettehaugh circled the school's stadium twice before landing the R-22 helicopter. Slettehaugh has completed 10 hours of flight lessons and hopes to receive his helicopter pilot's license. Mar 11, 2010

Washington state pilots protest general aviation tax. Washington state pilots are protesting a proposed tax hike for general aviation. Senate Bill 6143 would impose a 0.5% annual excise tax on aircraft manufactured after 1970. A coalition of pilots warned the tax could drive general aviation businesses out of state. Mar 11, 2010

Pilots should approach risk in rational manner. Pilots may manage risk by substituting familiarity for knowledge, according to blogger Paul Bertorelli. A rational approach to risk reveals pilots are more at risk of running their planes off a runway than getting into a mid-air collision, but pilots are more concerned about the worst-case scenario of a mid-air collision. Mar 8, 2010

Private plane violates restricted airspace around D.C.. A Piper 28B violated restricted airspace around Washington, D.C., on Sunday morning. Fighter jets escorted the private plane to land in Roanoke, Va. The Federal Aviation Administration determined the pilot had veered off course and did not present a threat to national security. Mar 8, 2010

Uncontrolled airspace collision raises concerns. A mid-air collision last month between a Cirrus SR20 and a Piper Pawnee over Boulder, Colo., has heightened concerns about uncontrolled airspace. The skies around Boulder are designated as Class G or E airspace, the least regulated airspace. However, local pilots defend the "see-and-avoid" method for uncontrolled airspace as the best method to avoid collisions. Mar 8, 2010

Advanced Aero Advanced Aero considers Sebastian Airport location. Advanced Aero is considering locating at the Sebastian Muncipal Airport in Sebastian, Fla. Based in Melbourne, Fla., Advanced Aero manufactures light sport aircraft. The company is also considering general aviation airports in Texas and Indiana. Mar 8, 2010

American Express Woman pilot wins contest sponsored by American Express. Pilot Linda Scully won a contest for women entrepreneurs sponsored by American Express for free business coaching. Scully, president of Aero Safety Training flight school at New Jersey's Lincoln Park Airport, started her career with a $10 introductory flight in 1978. "I'd like to see more women learning to fly," said Scully. Mar 8, 2010

Aviation Partners API to begin testing "spiroid" wing modifications. Aviation Partners Inc. will begin testing "spiroid" wing-tip devices for aircraft this week. The Federal Aviation Administration partially funded the testing, which could reduce FAR Part 36 noise signature and carbon emissions. API plans to test the loop-shaped wing modifications on Dassault Falcon business jets. Mar 10, 2010

Boeing Boeing Field: Raising rents in a downturn?. King County, Wash., plans to raise land lease rental rates for tenants at Boeing Field. AOPA has emphasized that the increase does not reflect the economic hardships imposed by the recession. Mar 10, 2010

Bombardier In an effort to boost its block charter jet card tally, Bombardier Flexjet is offering new and existing customers of its Flexjet 25 programme five additional flight hours at a discounted rate. Mar 10, 2010

Branson AirExpress Branson AirExpress prepares for takeoff. Branson AirExpress is scheduled to begin a three-month trial as a charter service May 17 operating out of the new Branson, Mo., airport that opened last year. Like Branson Airport, the air service is being started without taxpayer funding and aims to bring more visitors to Branson, a growing tourist destination for country and pop music fans. Initially, flights will be offered from Des Moines, Houston and Austin as well as Terre Haute, Ind., and Shreveport, La. Mar 10, 2010

Cessna Aircraft Cessna executive defends business aviation. Business aviation should work together to defend the industry against criticism of corporate jets, according to Cessna Vice President Robert Stangarone. "It's been around since business jets first entered the scene, but it's never been this pronounced or this threatening," said Stangarone. Mar 12, 2010

Cessna Aircraft Cessna has added seven flight training schools to its global network of more than 280 Cessna pilot centres in an attempt "to make flying more accessible and to re-energise pilot training", says the company. Meanwhile, the US airframer has delivered its 9,000th Independence, Kansas-produced single-engined piston aircraft following handover of a 182T Skylane to a private owner earlier this month. The first Independence-produced single-engined piston came off the line in November 1996. Mar 8, 2010

Charleston International Airport GA advocate visits Charleston International Airport. James Coyne, president of the National Air Transportation Association, met with aviation advocates at Charleston International Airport in South Carolina. According to Coyne, general aviation is showing signs of rebounding from recessionary lows. "We want to show everyone that private aviation is not just for the president," Coyne said. Mar 10, 2010

CharterX February was a much stronger month for the US executive charter market than the same month a year earlier, according to the latest data from online charter booking portal CharterX. Midsize jets showed the strongest recovery, with a 25.9% year-over-year increase, to 15,509 flight hours. Heavy jets recovered by 12.3%, to 8,610h, while light jets climbed 11% to 14,757h. Mar 8, 2010

Hawker Beechcraft Malaysia is relying on Beechcraft King Air aircraft to fulfil its immediate needs for surveillance aircraft. Mar 11, 2010

Hilton Head airport Hilton Head airport faces opposition over runway extension. To comply with Federal Aviation Administration regulations, South Carolina's Hilton Head Island Airport must extend its runway from 4,300 feet to 5,400 feet. However, town officials oppose the runway extension because it would expand the airport beyond its current boundaries. The Hilton Head airport provides service for general aviation aircraft, as well as commercial flights through USAir and Delta Airlines. Mar 10, 2010

Jet Aviation Jet Aviation has added a Gulfstream G550 to its management and charter fleet. The 14-seat, large-cabin aircraft is based in Switzerland and available for charter throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Mar 8, 2010

NASA NASA on 10 March destroyed a fully instrumented but otherwise standard MD-500 helicopter fuselage in the second phase of a research program to evaluate the benefits of a new crash-protecting energy absorber system. Mar 12, 2010

NetJets The world's largest fractional ownership provider NetJets lost $711 million in 2009 and is so debt-laden that without the guarantee of parent company Berkshire Hathaway it "would have been out of business," says company chairman Warren Buffett in his annual letter to shareholders. "In the 11 years that we [Berkshire Hathaway] have owned the company, it has recorded an aggregate pre-tax loss of $157 million," Buffett says. "Moreover, the company's debt has soared from $102 million at the time of purchase to $1.9 billion in April of last year," he continues. However under new chairman David Sokol, NetJets reduced its debt from $1.9 billion to $1.4 billion last year and Buffett said that "as a result of actions taken to date, NetJets is likely to operate at a profit in 2010." Mar 10, 2010

SimCom Training Centre SimCom Training Centre has received US level C approval for its Dassault Falcon 20 and Israel Aerospace Industries Westwind II simulators. Acquired late last year from CAE, the devices are located at SimCom's Park South training centre in Orlando, Florida. Before entering service with SimCom, both simulators were updated with widescreen visual systems and will be outfitted in the second quarter with instructor operating stations. Mar 10, 2010

Vista Field Airport Vista Field Airport to remain open in Washington. Port commissioners have decided to keep Vista Field Airport open in Kennewick, Wash. Vista Field provides general aviation services but does not have a fixed-base operator. The airport was valued at $7.7 million in a recent appraisal. Mar 11, 2010

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