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Business & General Aviation News - North America.

New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & General Aviation News) May 17, 2009

Argus International

Argus International has accepted the InternationalEBusiness Aircraft Council's (IBAC) International Standard - Business Aircraft Operations to meet the audit requirement of its charter rating system. On-site corporate flight department safety auditor Argus claims the move has advanced the global effort to achieve a single audit standard for business aircraft operators, which are burdened by customer requirements to undergo multiple audits. "Many large corporations have adopted the IS-BAO standard for their own flight departments, and will appreciate that they can choose an Argus-rated charter operator that has also demonstrated this 'code of best practices'," says Argus president Joe Moeggenberg. May 12, 2009

Arinc Direct

Arinc Direct has added a new local dialling option to its ground-to-air telephone service for business aircraft operators based outside the USA. The service, branded Direct Dial International, allows subscribers to place phone calls directly to their aircraft by dialling a telephone number that is local to them. Previously, customers had to dial a number local to the USA. Direct Dial International is available immediately to customers in 75 countries and "hundreds of metropolitan areas around the globe, including much of Europe", says Arinc Direct, a Carlyle Group-owned provider of flight planning, weather, flight following, contract fueland international trip support services. May 11, 2009


Arinc Direct is adding electronic APIS filing (eAPIS) to its standard portfolio of flight services for corporate aircraft. The eAPIS service is available immediately for flights arriving or departing the USA and its territories. Both Part 91 and Part 135 operators can build and submit flight manifest information on passengers and crew directly from ArincDirect accounts. Effective from 18 May under advance passenger information system regulations of the US Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection, pilots of private aircraft are required to transmit electronically notices of arrival and/or departure, as well as traveller manifest information, to the customs department, a minimum of 60 min before departure. The voluntary compliance period ends on 18 May, when electronic transmission becomes mandatory. May 12, 2009


Avidyne has increased aircraft safety and utility for customers with its MLX770 and MLX780 datalink transceivers through two expanded business arrangements announced here at EBACE. The company has extended its partnership with weather-provider WSI to deliver worldwide WSI in-flight weather service's graphical weather on a wide variety of electronic flight bag units using Avidyne's Iridium-based MLX datalink transceivers. Vendors whose EFBs can now receive the worldwide graphical weather with the creation of the new software interface include CMC, DAC, ADR, NavAero, AirGator, L-3, and Universal. May 13, 2009


Boeing hopes to deliver a 2 percent improvement in fuel burn on its BBJ product line through a combination of aerodynamic improvements and engine technology changes, set to be rolled out in mid-2011. The CFM56-7B Evolution engine, which accounts for roughly 1 percent of the improvement, will feature reshaped blades and vanes of the high- and low-pressure turbines to increase airflow through the engine and reduce overall temperature. Boeing and CFM will introduce changes to the engine nozzle and plug, and remove about 9 percent of engine aerofoils from the high- and low-pressure turbines, to reduce maintenance costs by up to 4 percent. May 13, 2009


Boeing announced this afternoon the availability of the newest member of its business jet portfolio. The airframer is providing a multi-role convertible BBJ aircraft and is touting a transition time from an all-passenger to all-cargo configuration of less than 8h. The BBJ C, for convertible, provides VIP operators such as governments, corporations and private individuals the ability to transition the aircraft from passenger usage to carrying a range of cargo, including disaster-relief supplies or patients requiring medical evacuation. May 11, 2009

Boeing Business Jet

Boeing Business Jet president Steven Hill will hand over the reins of his BBJ unit to programme chief pilot Capt Steve Taylor, concluding a 35-year career with the US airframer. Under Hill's tenure, which began in August 2004, Boeing launched the BBJ 3, 787 and747-8 VIP, and now the BBJ C. While chief pilot, Taylor was the liaison to the worldwide community of BBJ pilots, gathering their input and preferences as aviators, as Boeing worked to continuously enhance the flightdeck of the specially modified 737s. May 12, 2009

Boeing, CFMI

BBJ Performance Improvements Set. Boeing announced today, at the EBACE show in Geneva that BBJ owners receiving their airplanes after mid-2011 will reduce fuel consumption by 2 percent through a combination of airframe and engine improvements that Boeing announced in late April. Airplane structural improvements will reduce drag on the airplane, reducing fuel use by about 1 percent. Boeing's engine partner, CFM is contributing a further 1 percent fuel savings through hardware changes to its CFM56-7B Evolution engine. May 13, 2009

Boeing, Greenpoint Technologies

Boeing has partnered with GreenpointETechnologies to offer sleeper berths and lounges for 747-8 VIP operators, announcing orders to outfit four aircraft. The two companies announced orders on Monday for the feature for two head-of-state aircraft and two more kits for an additional Middle Eastern client. The announcement of the partnership and subsequent contracts mark a new birth of life for the novel feature. The Overhead Space Utilisation (OSU) kit provides up to 75m2(807ft2), with room for as many as 16 sleeper berths or two lounge modules, set above the main cabin in the crown of the aircraft between doors three and five. The kit, which was originally marketed by Boeing as the SkyLoft, found little interest from airline customers for additional revenue opportunities such aspremium and economy sleeper berths. May 11, 2009


Bombardier is working hard to deliver on its promises for the Learjet 85. The project suffered a well-reported upset last year when program partner Grob Aerospace filed for bankruptcy. Bombardier had contracted Grob not only to design the all-new composite Lear 85 airframe, but also to build around 40 aircraft before the work transitioned back to Bombardier. With little warning Bombardier had to take back the program and fund the entire design, development and manufacturing work itself. The company won't say how much that has cost, but to meet a 2013 in-service date Bombardier will have to establish an entirely new composites design and manufacturing capability, almost from scratch. So far that work is going well and Bombardier officials are unanimous that the schedule will hold. Bombardier sought significant and in-depth design advice from a range of composite materials experts. A key decision was to drop Grob's wet lay-up composites method in favor of the older but more established carbon-fiber pre-preg technique. Bombardier is not investing in more expensive construction methods such as high-temperature autoclaves, saying that the price-point of the Learjet 85 would not support the outlay it said in Geneva at EBACE. May 14, 2009


Bombardier's CSeries training facility that it will start erecting this fall in Mirabel, Montreal, is to be called CIASTA, which stands for 'complete integrated aircraft system test area'. As this exclusively-obtained slide indicates, CIASTA will house the first complete test vehicle "enabling earlier product maturity". The Canadian airframer intends to break ground on the new facility "before the frost" around the November timeframe. CIASTA will be in place one year ahead of flight testing of the geared turbofan-powered aircraft. The 110/130-seat CSeries has a service entry of 2013. May 13, 2009


Bombardier is pulling out all the stops to reassure customers and suppliers for its composite LearjetE85 midsize business jet that the program is ontrack for first deliveries in 2013. Original fuselage supplier Grob Aerospace went bust last year. "We have almost 40 vendors working on the programme. Grob was a vendor, and just like any vendor that has difficulty, you have to figure out ways to work around it," says Learjet vice-president and general manager David Coleal. May 13, 2009


Bombardier Aerospace has introduced extended range options for its Learjet 40XR and Global 5000 business jets, and upgraded its AOG support system in Europe, the company said this morning. A 496km (268nm) range extension is available on all new Learjet 40XR orders and on aircraft previously ordered and scheduled for delivery in the third quarter of the current fiscal year. The range extension is the result of a312kg (687lb) increase in fuel tank capacity. Flying at its long-range cruise speed of Mach 0.75, the Learjet 40XR now offers a non-stop range of 3,685km, 15 percent longer than previously and bringing into range such city pairs as London-Cairo (3,590km), Singapore-Taipei (3,395km) and Hong Kong-Jakarta (3,450km). Capable of seating up to seven passengers, the Learjet 40XR can reach 43,000ft (13,105m) in 23min. May 11, 2009

Bombardier, Rockwell Collins

Bombardier has altered its CSeries flight deck, adding a fifth, 15.1in LCD screen to the interface, which is powered by Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion technology. A mock-up of the new five-screen iteration is now in place at Bombardier's Aerospace Product Development Centre (APDC) in St Laurent. It boasts two high-definition screens in front of each pilot and one in the centre. This compares to the previous four-screen offering - one in front of each pilot with the other two stacked in the centre. May 11, 2009


Cessna chief executive Jack Pelton says the declining daily utilisation of the company's Citation jet fleet will bottom out in the third quarter in parallel with a peaking in the used aircraft inventory, both positive indicators of a recovering market downstream. "The true indicator of when it's behind us though is when orders pick up," he adds. In the EBACE region, utilisation is lower and charter demand is down "considerably", but there are bright spots. The company has delivered 26 Citation jets so far this year, and expects to finish the year with more than 90, bringing the total number of Citations here to about 1,100. Growth has been highest in Russia and eastern Europe, says Pelton. May 12, 2009

Comlux Aviation, Airbus

Comlux Aviation's US completions arm is gearing up to expand its VIP narrowbody airliner completions business and is eyeing a move into widebody outfitting at its base in Indianapolis, Indiana. The move follows the unveiling at EBACE of an Airbus A320VIP interior mock-up designed by the Comlux Creatives division for a private customer. The aircraft will be handed over to Comlux Completion USA in February 2010 -its first VIP narrowbody contract -for entry into service before the end of the year. May 13, 2009

Corporatejets, Dassault Aviation

Corporatejets XXI is adding a long-range Falcon 2000LX in October. It already operates a Falcon 900C and a pair of Cessna Citation XLSs. "Our customer base is expanding and so are our regular client requirements," says Jacint Pugimarti Mulet, Corporatejets XXI commercial director. "We also know that brokers find this aircraft popular for mid- and long-range sectors due to its high comfort levels," he adds. May 11, 2009


Texas-based married pilots, Jim and Betsey Frost, are racking up an extraordinary number of hours on their new baby, the first Phenom 100 to be delivered. Since taking possession of the N82DU in Fort Lauderdale on 31 December, they have logged 150h, their latest adventure being a seven-leg, three-day marathon flight from Houston to Geneva to show off their Brazilian-built aircraft on static display at EBACE. May 12, 2009

EMS Satcom, Bombardier

EMS Satcom has delivered its first SwiftBroadband channel eNfusion HSD-Xi high-speed data terminal for installation on a US-based Bombardier Challenger 605. The terminal adds one SwiftBroadband and one Swift 64 channel to the company's HSD-400 high-speed data transceiver. The combined system becomes a dual-channel SwiftBroadband unit while also offering classic services in an eight-plus-twomodular concept unit form factor. "The additional channel of SwiftBroadband gives passengers more bandwidth for internet browsing, streaming services, voice calls and texting in flight," says Jean Menard, EMS Satcom's director of commercial sales. May 12, 2009

ExcelAire, Gulfstream

ExcelAire has added a 13-seat Gulfstream GIV-SP to its fleet, bringing its fleet of Gulfstreams to 10. The latest aircraft features berthable seats and a forward galley. In addition to Gulfstream jets, ExcelAire flies Bombardier Learjets, Cessna Citations,Embraer Legacy 600s and Hawker Beechjets, May 12, 2009

Flying Colours

Flying Colours has acquired the assets of JetCorp from JetDirect Aviation and says it has no remaining ties to JetDirect. The St Louis-based JetCorp, the former MRO subsidiary of JetDirect Aviation, is now operating as a new company, JetCorp Technical Services. JetDirect purchased JetCorpin 2006. May 11, 2009


Despite cutbacks of 1,200 employees and planned furloughs this summer to account for diminished order intake, Gulfstream is surging forward in the developmental regime. Highlights this year willinclude first flights of the new G250 super-midsize and G650 long-range jets, says president Joe Lombardo. According to Lombardo at this morning's press conference, the reduced demand has required the Savannah, Georgia-based airframer to cut its 2009 production estimates for midsize and large-cabin jets by 20 percent to 97 aircraft, down from the 126 expected last year. Despite the softening, the company continues to maintain a healthy backlog of more than USD 20 billion, down by around USD 2 billion from the end of 2008, says Lombardo. May 11, 2009


Gulfstream officially acknowledges that it is continuing its supersonic research, but that it would not launch a programme until regulators in the USA and Europe relax long-standing rules prohibiting supersonic flight over land. Unofficially, the company's response to a taunt by Cessna issued here yesterday points to launch in the relative near term. Cessna chief executive Jack Pelton was asked during a press conference how Cessna would respond if Gulfstream's new G650 achieves its stated speed goal of M0.925 - slightly faster than the Cessna Citation X's M0.92 top speed -when the aircraft is certificated in 2013. "If it does, we will make sure that they will be number 2. Don't tell Mr. Henne," he replied, referring to the chief architect of all Gulfstream aircraft, Pres Henne. The Citation X is the world's fastest production business jet. May 13, 2009


Honeywell is now offering a 4.3in colour LCD touchscreen control device as a replacement for the Ovation C-Series MHL4 VIP personal control unit. The Ovation Select 200C personal control unit gives passengers a high-resolution, full colour, icon-based touchscreen and provides an intuitive graphical user interface with "slide and select" control features for any device or system, with no more than three menu pull-downs, says Honeywell. May 11, 2009

Irish Air Corps

The Irish Air Corps is a small organisation, with about 850 personnel and fewer than 30 aircraft, including two dedicated to VIP transport duties. But despite its size, the air wing has recently modernised its inventory, notably adding nine utility and training helicopters and upgrading its two EADS Casa CN-235 maritime patrol aircraft. Six AgustaWestland AW139s and three Eurocopter EC135s are the most recent additions to the Irish Air Corps fleet at Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel. Ordered after an ambitious deal for Dublin to become the launch military customer for Sikorsky's S-92 collapsed, the aircraft have replaced aged stocks of Aerospatiale SA316 Alouette IIIs and Eurocopter AS565 Dauphins. The latter type left service in 2006, and Ireland's last Alouettes were retired in September 2007 after a service life of 44 years and 77,000 flight hours. May 14, 2009


RockwellECollins' new flagship offering - Pro Line Fusion - has been selected for eight new platforms, but the manufacturer has yet to decide if it will be available for the retrofit market Major makers of avionics and cabin electronics systems are putting substance over style at EBACE this year, focusing on the core values that have made the corporate aircraft a force multiplier in the business world. "For us it's getting back to basics, the equipment our customers are flying every day," says Rob Wilson, president of Honeywell's business aviation unit. "That means retrofits, modifications and upgrades." Topping the list of requested applications for those upgraded cockpits, says Wilson, are flight efficiency optimisers like required navigation performance (RNP), enhanced GPS approaches (WAAS LPV) or NextGen features such as controller-pilot datalink (FANS 1/A). May 11, 2009


Dallas-based ShipitAOG is not a shipper. It is a clever organisation that supplies parts and equipment to the business aviation community. Chief financial officerKaren Winterrowd says the privately owned company has USD 20 million in inventory of parts, tooling and test equipment and ground support equipment in its warehouse and generated USD 7 million in sales last year, largely to operators of Bombardier aircraft. Sales in ground support equipment have been hot lately, says ground support equipment adviser Philip Anders, most likely because ofoperators bringing their maintenance work in-house to save money. May 13, 2009

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