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Bushnell: FORGE 4.5-27X 50mm.

BUSHNELL SAYS ITS NEW FORGE RIFLESCOPE IS "THE ONLY choice for long-range hunting enthusiasts." That's a pretty bold claim, and consumers will have the final voice on the matter. I've been using the 4.5-27X 50mm FORGE for a few months, and I can say it's a dam nice scope.

The magnification range extends from 4.5X to 27X, which Bushnell says enables the easy acquisition of targets up to 800 yards distant. I've used the scope up to 500 yards, which is as long a shot as I can take on my shooting range. The scope features Bushnell's Deploy reticle, which I'll detail in a moment; the exclusive EXO Barrier Protection protective lens coating that molecularly bonds to the glass; IPX7 waterproof construction with O-ring-sealed optics that seal out water at a depth of 3 feet for up to 30 minutes; and ultra-wide band anti-reflection coating applied to both the lenses and prisms for the best brightness, resolution, and color. Bushnell says the bonded EXO Barrier Protection will not fade with time or normal use.

The Deploy reticle is calibrated in MOA (minutes of arc) and offered in SFP (second focal plane) and FFP (first focal plane) versions as well as an MIL FFP version. My scope has the MOA FFP reticle, which means its MOA system can be used regardless of the magnification setting. The thin 0.2-MOA-thick crosshairs have long hashmarks at every 1 MOA, and the hashmarks below zero are 2 MOA wide with wider markings every 5 MOA.

My FORGE scope has a matte black finish (some FORGE models are offered in Terrain finish, which is sort of a copperish olive green color), and it is 14 inches long, weighs 27.9 ounces, and has 60 MOA of adjustment for windage and elevation. The windage turret locks, and it also has a zero stop. The scope has a side parallax adjustment from 25 yards to infinity. The field of view is 22.5 feet at 100 yards at 4.5X and 4 feet at 27X. The eye relief is a comfortable 4.0 inches and is relatively constant throughout the power range, although it shrinks a little at the highest powers.

MSRP: $1,139.95 01

FORGE 4.5-27X 50MM

MANUFACTURER              Bushnell Outdoor Products
MAGNIFICATION             4.5X to 27X
TUBE DIAMETER             30mm
EYE RELIEF                4.0 in.
FIELD OF VIEW             22.5 to 4 ft. @ 100 yds.
WINDAGE RANGE             60 MOA
LENGTH                    14 in.
WEIGHT                    27.9 oz.
FINISH                    Matte black
MSRP                      $1,139.95
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Title Annotation:QUICK SHOT: HUNT
Author:Wolfenberger, Sam
Publication:Shooting Times
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Date:Mar 20, 2019
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