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Bush repeats pleas.

STOCK markets, political leaders and millions around the world were on tenterhooks today as the lower house of the US Congress tried again to pass a pounds 397bn rescue package for the nation's economy.

The Senate stepped in and added more than pounds 56.2bn of sweeteners to the proposals after the Bill's surprise rejection by the House shocked and disappointed world leaders earlier this week.

President George Bush urged the lower house of Congress to act and approve the bill in a vote today after it was passed by its upper house on Wednesday night. But stocks plunged again yesterday, with the Dow Jones Industrials Average down about 350 points amid growing fears that the government's financial rescue plan might not be enough to ward off a recession.

After a White House meeting on the crisis yesterday, Mr Bush said: "This issue has gone way beyond New York and Wall Street.

"This is an issue that's affecting hardworking people. They're worried about their savings, their jobs, their houses, their small


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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 3, 2008
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