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Bus-Tech Integrates Microsoft's Windows 2000 and Host Integration Server 2000 onto EnterpriseExpress Adapter/ESCON.

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BURLINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 29, 2001

Connectivity Solution Provides Customers with Valuable Enhancements

for Connecting Microsoft Networks to IBM Mainframes

Bus-Tech, Inc.(R), a leading provider of data center connectivity solutions, today announced the support of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 2000 and Host Integration Server 2000 as a standard feature of its EnterpriseExpress Adapter/ESCON product, providing customers with a variety of enhancements for directly channel-attaching their Microsoft networks to mainframes.

The ESCON adapter provides a high-performance, off-network connection between a Windows 2000 platform and an IBM System/390 mainframe environment. This solution can be deployed using Host Integration Server 2000 or Bus-Tech's TCP/IP Direct Connect software under Windows 2000. IP Direct Connect provides a point-to-point connection between the TCP/IP stacks on the Windows 2000 platform and the mainframe. This allows unparalleled, high-speed data retrieval from the mainframe for an application server running under Windows 2000. A good example of this would be a PeopleSoft application server on Windows 2000 gaining high-speed access to the mainframe resident database in a three-tier client server environment.

"Bus-Tech is excited about supporting Windows 2000 and Host Integration Server on our EnterpriseExpress Adapter/ESCON product," said Ralph Armstrong, vice-president and product manager for Bus-Tech's networking products. "One of the major benefits of this combination of products is the ability to easily access DB2 mainframe data from a Windows 2000 platform at very high data rates utilizing either TCP/IP or SNA."

By integrating Microsoft's Host Integration Server 2000 onto the EnterpriseExpress Adapter/ESCON, Bus-Tech enhances its Intranet-to-Mainframe offering by including support for the new features of HIS 2000. These features include increased performance and ease of configuration for DB2 access, COM+ support for integrated CICS/IMS transactions and support for Microsoft Message Queue Server 2.0 and IBM's MQSeries 5.1 for message-oriented middleware integration.

"Microsoft is pleased to see Bus-Tech's continued support for Microsoft's host access products, including Host Integration Server 2000," commented Bill Dunlap, group product manager for Microsoft. "The EnterpriseExpress Adapter/ESCON's ability to support high-speed ESCON channel connections to the mainframe makes this combination an ideal platform for implementing enterprise solutions using Host Integration Server technologies such as the COM Transaction Integrator for CICS and IMS, as well as the OLE DB Provider for AS/400 and VSAM."

Customers already committed to a specific server vendor, such as Compaq, HP, Dell or IBM, can use Bus-Tech's PCI-based channel adapters to provide support for the fastest possible connection to their mainframe.

Bus-Tech's channel adapters include Windows NT/2000 drivers, which install into Windows NT/2000 like any other network adapter. Host Integration Server 2000 Link Service for Bus-Tech channel adapters is installed via the Host Integration Server Manager.

About Bus-Tech, Inc.

Bus-Tech, Inc., founded in 1987 is the industry's leading provider of state-of-the-art connectivity solutions for the data center to Original Equipment Manufacturers. The company's powerful suite of adapter and platform solutions that satisfy even the most rugged demands of data processing professionals for high-bandwidth, high-availability and high-performance connectivity. With more than 15,000 installed sites worldwide, Bus-Tech is a recognized leader in the data center interconnect market. Headquartered in Burlington, MA, the company is privately held with locations around the world. For more information about Bus-Tech and its products, please visit the Bus-Tech World Wide Web site at, send email to, or call 800-284-3172 or 781-272-8200.
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Date:Mar 29, 2001
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