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Bus plunge off Chalus Road kills 25 Iraqis.

A bus carrying Iraqi tourists ran off the Chalus highway going through the Alborz mountains and plunged down the mountain side into a stream last Tuesday, killing 25 and badly injuring 16 others.

One person is missing and there is fear he was swept away by the mountain stream.

The Iraqis were pilgrims from Najaf who had visited the holy shrine in Mashhad. They then went to the Caspian coast and were on their way to Karaj and Qom when their bus tumbled 200 meters (650 feet) down the mountainside, rolling over and over again. It was a miracle that even more were not killed.

Press reports said the brakes had failed.

The Chalus highway is one of the most dangerous in Iran, frequently closed by avalanches and with many accidents on its multitude of curves through the mountains. A new highway punching tunnels through the mountains was first mooted almost half a century ago. It is now under very slow construction.

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Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
Date:Jun 12, 2015
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