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Bus belts important to protect children.

Regarding the article "Still no appetite at state legislative hearing for school bus seat belts in Mass.'' (Telegram & Gazette, Dec. 13), to say, to my horror, to say that it would be too expensive to put 3-point seat belts into all school buses is saying that it is not worth it to save children's lives.

When has it become that expensive to save any child's life? Then it says that it would be very difficult to unfasten the 3-point seat belt if the bus were overturned in a crash. Well, in my mind if that is the case, anyone would find any way to get the child out of the seat belt. Even if it meant using a knife or a tool or anything that would mean saving that child's life. You find a way. Any child's life is not too expensive to save in any harmful situation, and if it is avoidable then by all means it should be done right away with no excuses about the money involved.These are children being talked about.


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Title Annotation:Editorials
Publication:Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Dec 25, 2013
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