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Burr-Brown Introduces 24-Bit, 96kHz, 8x Oversampling Digital Filter.

TUCSON, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 6, 1998--Burr-Brown Corporation (NASDAQ:BBRC) today announced the DF1704, a high performance, stereo 8x oversampling digital interpolation filter designed for high end consumer and professional audio applications.

An interpolation filter, such as the DF1704, is used to make the reconstructed audio signal truer to the original music by restoring missing sound information between each sample of the digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The DF1704 is the ideal companion for Burr-Brown's PCM1704, the world's highest performance 24-bit BiCMOS, sign magnitude audio DAC.

Specific applications for the DF1704 include high-end CD players, high-end DVD players, digital multi-track and video recorders, and digital effects processors. Moreover, the small package size (28-lead SSOP) makes this device well suited for a wide variety of audio and video systems, as well as musical instruments.

The DF1704 supports 24-bit, 96kHz operation and features user programmable functions, including selectable sharp or slow roll-off filter response, digital de-emphasis, independent L/R attenuation, and input/output data formats.

"Burr-Brown's high performance digital interpolation filter, the DF1704, and high performance BiCMOS Sign-Magnitude DAC, the PCM1704, combine to provide the highest level of audio signal reproduction available today," said Mike Centorino, audio products marketing manager at Burr-Brown.

According to Euromonitor's Strategy 2000 report, the world consumer audio market will exceed $54 billion in sales in 1999. More specific to the DF1704, the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA) reported that total U.S. sales of high-end audio was between $1.1 and $1.4 billion in 1997.

DF1704 Key Specifications

The DF1704 features 16/20/24-bit input audio data word, 16/18/20/24-bit output audio data word, 32kHz-96kHz sampling frequency, 256/384/512/768fs system clock, TTL input interface, -115dB stopband attenuation, +/-0.00005dB passband ripple, and single +5V power supply operation.

The DF1704 is priced from $9.95 in 1,000 piece quantities and packaged in a small 28-lead SSOP. Delivery is from stock.

About Burr-Brown

Burr-Brown Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of precision linear, data conversion and mixed signal integrated circuits. These products address applications in communications, industrial control, instrumentation, consumer electronics, and personal computer systems.

For product information, visit For additional information, call Mike Pawlik at 800/548-6132 or e-mail
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Date:Nov 6, 1998
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