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Burr-Brown Announces High Speed Video Buffer Amplifier Family.

TUCSON, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 30, 1998--Burr-Brown Corporation (NASDAQ:BBRC) today announced the OPA682 series of high speed buffer amplifiers specifically designed for video line driver applications.

High bandwidth (240MHz) and high slew rate (2100V/micro-second) at a gain of +2 make this series ideal for driving matched coax lines used in video signal distribution. A fixed gain video line driver like the OPA682 delivers a wideband but precise gain of +1 to matched loads where signals must be transmitted between various pieces of video processing equipment.

"The OPA682 series provides significant performance improvement over earlier fixed gain video buffers," said Michael Steffes, strategic marketing engineer at Burr-Brown. "Higher output power to higher frequencies retains more of high frequency signal content through long cable runs. A power down feature and ultra-small SOT23-6 packaging gives the lowest total power and board space in the industry."

The dual OPA2682 features two OPA682s on a single chip. It can be used as a wideband differential receiver providing buffered differential input/output--critical to maintaining signal integrity in electrical noisy environments.

The triple channel OPA3682, available by the end of 1998, will provide the designer a significant reduction in board space with three line drivers in an ultra-small SSOP-16 package. The triple matches up well with the signal distribution requirements of workstation graphics RGB.

Operating on very low 6mA/channel supply current, the OPA682 series offers a slew rate and output power normally associated with a much higher supply current. A new output architecture delivers high output current with minimal headroom and crossover distortion. This gives exceptional single supply operation. Using a single +5V supply, the series can deliver a 1V to 4V output swing with over 100mA drive current and 200MHz bandwidth.

System power may be further reduced by using an optional disable control pin. Under normal operating conditions the OPA682 series uses only 6mA supply current. When the disable pin is pulled low, the supply current drops even lower to less than 200 micro-amps/channel.

In addition to video applications, the OPA682 series lends itself to more general-purpose portable instruments, ADC buffers, and active filter applications.

The OPA682 is priced from $1.79 in 1,000 piece quantities and packaged in an SO-8 (8-pin DIP and SOT23-6 packages will be available 1Q99). The OPA2682 is priced from $2.89 in 1000s and packaged in an SO-8. Delivery is from stock.

According to estimates from Burr-Brown, the worldwide market for high speed amplifiers will exceed revenues of $500 million in 1999 and grow 12% annually through 2001.

About Burr-Brown

Burr-Brown Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of precision linear, data conversion and mixed signal integrated circuits.

For product information, visit For additional information, call Mike Pawlik at 800/548-6132 or e-mail
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Date:Nov 30, 1998
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