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Burovs continues to insist that state of emergency be declared in Riga.

RIGA, Sept 11 (LETA) - It is necessary to declare a state of emergency in Riga due to a looming waste management crisis in the city, as all citizens will not be able to sign new waste management agreements by September 15, Riga Mayor Olegs Burovs (Honor to Serve Riga) said at Saeima Economic, Agrarian, Environmental and Regional Policy Committee's meeting on Wednesday.

"If no state of emergency is declared in Riga, we could start the negotiation procedure, sign the contract, decide the terms, but we cannot make sure that the company will start collecting waste without having signed agreements by September 15," Burovs said, explaining that the city was in a pre-crisis situation.

He also stated that he was taking full responsibility, including personal responsibility, for the current situation. "Two weeks ago I knew nothing about it. Now I take full responsibility and promise that all waste will be taken out on Sunday," Burovs said.

As reported, the government on Tuesday failed to reach agreement on declaring a state of emergency in Riga, but urged the Riga City Council to act in accordance with the Competition Council's decision.

The Competition Council has banned the newly-established monopoly Tiriga from signing contracts with residents of Riga.

Currently the waste collection and management services in Riga are provided by four operators - Clean R, Eco Baltia Vide, who both have joined in a new venture that won the tender, Pilsetvidess Serviss and Lautus.

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Date:Sep 11, 2019
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