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The Go/No-Go Decision: Instead of one big decision, it's actually a series of smaller ones. And as with all choices, there are consequences we have to understand and accept. Apr 1, 2021 2241
Night Moves: Since humans can't see well in the dark, we have to pay a little extra attention to the details if we want our night flying to be successful. Apr 1, 2021 2123
Buttonology: Avionics are more capable than ever but still depend on the pilot pushing the right button at the right time. Apr 1, 2021 1138
Retractable Procedures: Stepping up to a retractable-gear airplane isn't difficult if you think of the extension/retraction step as one of a series necessary to change the airplane's configuration. Sep 1, 2020 2406
Shooting The Gap: Picking your way through a line of thunderstorms can work well. Until it doesn't. Sep 1, 2020 1248
Theories Of Lift. Apr 1, 2020 2349
Bad Bounce: Airspeed control and managing the flare help prevent bounces, but we also have to know how to go around. Apr 1, 2020 1174
Power And Pitch: Using them together means understanding how they affect each other, and that can depend on the airplane. Jul 1, 2019 1097
Behind The Curve: Modestly powered airplanes need to be handled with care in high and hot conditions. Jul 1, 2019 1198
Procedure Briefings: Every published instrument procedure has some common elements you need to learn about. It's best to know them before you need them. Mar 1, 2019 966
Twin Training: There's a right and a wrong way to do anything, including communication with your instructor. Mar 1, 2019 1195
Lack Of Assertiveness: 'Unable' is a perfectly acceptable response when ATC is distracting you from flying the airplane. Jun 1, 2018 1302
A Turn Too Late: This classic CFIT accident features a VFR-only pilot, mountainous terrain, poor weather and bad decisions. Mar 1, 2018 1234
New To The Airplane: Full knowledge of an airplane's systems is not only a good idea, it can mean the difference between success and failure. Nov 1, 2017 1275
Flight following, Part II: more tips and tricks on getting and keeping VFR flight following, plus what to do when ATC cancels the service and you want it back. Jun 1, 2017 1808
Coming up short: pilots need to perform honest takeoff performance assessments when operating from marginal runways. Jun 1, 2017 1227
Practice approaches: you and your safety pilot always need to have the same plan in mind, but you also can fly them solo when conditions are right. Nov 1, 2015 1783
Type A: just because your schedule requires it, that doesn't mean your next flight will have a favorable outcome. Nov 1, 2015 1160
Crossed up: that quartering tailwind in the pattern ? It can be the first warning sign of a fatal stall-spin turning final. Apr 1, 2015 1256
Turbulence targets: the airplane probably can handle it, but only if you slow down, keep the wings level and accept altitude excursions. Mar 1, 2015 2314
Bandwidth: the first few minutes of a flight can be a busy time, and a falling oil pressure gauge can be easy to miss. Case study Mar 1, 2015 1276
Icing stories: it's that time of year again, and three reports from NASA's ASRS highlight how icing can impact operations, especially when it's not in the forecast. Jan 1, 2014 1661
Takeoff starvation: engines won't run very long if their fuel supply is shut off just before takeoff. Jan 1, 2014 1308
Ground ops: to do them right, you need to pay attention, and know where you are and where you're going. it helps to understand the latest signage and procedures. Dec 1, 2013 1744
Do not apply: if you're not going to follow even the most basic rules of aviation, you shouldn't be carrying innocent passengers. Dec 1, 2013 1254
Real-world Nordo: two recent lost-comm events highlight how the rule works: it only gets complicated when holding is involved. Oct 1, 2013 2046
Too dark, too low: pilots need to compensate for the various hicks played on us when flying at night. Oct 1, 2013 1258
Five landing fixes: it's not just about airspeed. Pattern size and turn points, plus a practiced eye for the right sight picture, can help. Sep 1, 2013 1889
Dark and stormy night: avoiding widespread thunderstorms is much easier if you're in daylight and can see them. Sep 1, 2013 1205
Prepping for your IPC: getting back in the IFR saddle could be as simple as shooting a few approaches. At the other extreme, you could be asked to repeat your instrument-rating ride. Jul 1, 2013 1781
Losing the flick: the pilots correctly determined they needed more fuel to reach their destination, but forgot about terrain clearance. Jul 1, 2013 1281
Fixing your flare: a smooth, safe landing results from a well-planned approach and touchdown. The right airspeed and transitioning to the proper attitude are key. Jun 1, 2013 1949
Top five pre-flight mistakes: whether you're in a hurry or don't know any better, chances are you're making at least one of these classic errors. May 1, 2013 2025
Aiming to please: sighting the correct runway at the last moment isn't time for a steep turn. It's a signal for us to go around. May 1, 2013 1276
Icing complications: we all know airframe icing weighs down the airplane and reduces 1ft, but recent ASRS reports detail ice-related systems issues and more reasons to avoid the stuff. Mar 1, 2013 1841
Sump early, sump often: the pilot wasn't known to sump fuel tanks regularly. Suspected water in the King Air's fuel put out the fires. Mar 1, 2013 1369
Experienced decisions: if we all made better decisions, we'd reduce GA's accident rate. The various FAA training tools are good ones, but we also need to set experienced examples. Feb 1, 2013 1637
Handle with care: trying to land while experiencing a system failure might be a good time to fly more gently than normal. Feb 1, 2013 1191
Flying the nosewheel: no, it's not as tricky as a tailwheel, but it's not like driving a car, either. Don't land on it, and keep the pitch control in a nose-high position on the ground. Nov 1, 2012 1780
Ferry flight fail: a pilot launching for Hawaii proves the first few moments of any heavy or overweight takeoff are critical. Nov 1, 2012 1082
Experimental aircraft safety: a recent NTSB study made 16 safety recommendations to the FAA and EAA. The good news? Many of them can be applied to flying store-bought airplanes, too. Oct 1, 2012 2039
Three strikes: a Bonanza pilot with a history of bending airplanes in heavy weather tries it one last time. Oct 1, 2012 1196
Procedure turn, or not? With vectors to final the norm these days and not the exception, it's rare to perform the procedure turn. Yet, ATC may still expect it. When in doubt, ask. Jul 1, 2012 1623
Lack of commitment: when the engine fails, pick a suitable landing site and stick with it. Don't forget to run the engine-out checklist. Jul 1, 2012 1243
Non-towered IFR arrivals: don't cancel too soon, or you might bust VFR regs. And it might be a good idea to plan on circling, even if the approach is straight-in to the runway. Oct 1, 2011 1868
Shared responsibility? Oct 1, 2011 1276
Your altimeter lies: but its falsehoods are known and predictable, and regular inspections and maintenance can uncover them. Just pay close attention in cold weather. Jun 1, 2011 2605
Impossible takeoff: when wanting an airplane's maximum performance, we need to load and configure it correctly. Jun 1, 2011 1243
Owner-performed maintenance: aircraft owners with at least a private certificate can perform preventive maintenance tasks themselves. But many procedures allowed require tools and knowledge not covered in ground school. Mar 1, 2011 1954
Cross-country: spend a lot of time in an airplane for a day or more and fatigue will set in, making dumb mistakes routine. Mar 1, 2011 1299
Notam system overhaul: long-overdue changes are being made to the FAA's Notam system. But will the new system benefit users or just reduce the agency's overhead? Jan 1, 2011 2038
"Self-induced pressure": personal airplanes are great ways to travel, but we need to think ahead and have a solid-gold Plan B. Jan 1, 2011 1311
Retrofitting restraint: most personal airplanes left the factory without harnesses providing upper-body restraints. But they 're relatively easy and inexpensive to retrofit. Dec 1, 2010 1691
Distracted maneuvers: performing the emergency gear-extension checklist--or any other--isn't a good reason to stop flying the airplane. Dec 1, 2010 1269
Is see-and-avoid dead? The NTSB's report on last year's Hudson River midair found fault with the concept. But the NTSB downplayed several other significant failures. Nov 1, 2010 2039
Playing defense: rationalizing away challenges to completing a trip is a classic defense mechanism, often bringing poor results. Nov 1, 2010 1193
Density altitude: five things to remember: yes, the air's thinner and the aircraft won't perform as well, but less-dense air means reduced power and prop efficiency, plus greater risk of hypoxia. Oct 1, 2010 1832
Enemy of the good: in an engine-out situation, we should be looking for the nearest adequate landing area, not the best one. Oct 1, 2010 1255
Is it safe? Managing the risk of flying personal aircraft can be as simple as a bit more takeoff/landing practice, making sure we have fuel and avoiding poor weather. Nov 1, 2009 1200
Showing off: low-level maneuvering flight can put you and the airplane in a position from which neither can recover. Nov 1, 2009 1307
Electronic charting: the paperless cockpit isn't a myth, but it's not been perfected either. Various portable solutions are available, but they all have drawbacks. Sep 1, 2009 2109
Failure to climb: flying an airplane loaded to or over its max gross weight can pose special challenges. Sep 1, 2009 1260
Not so fast: if you think you have a headwind more often than a tailwind, that's because you do. Understanding the reasons might make it all easier to accept. Aug 1, 2009 2500
Briefing the slam-dunk approach: the reason doesn't matter, but you're way behind the airplane at the final approach fix. Which corners can you cut to safely find the runway? Jul 1, 2009 2827
Zero-zero departure: current training places too little emphasis on perfecting the instrument takeoff. Jul 1, 2009 1251
Unapproved parts: deciding to skimp on new turbocharger wastegate controller oil lines is not a good choice. May 1, 2009 1260
Turbo trouble: what do you do on a flight far from home if the engine's not running right but no one can fix it? Case study Apr 1, 2008 1248

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