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Burns would be so proud of his bairns; It's all about Rabbie as pupils shine at regional talent contest.

The very best of young talent from across the region was showcased on Saturday.

The Dumfries and Galloway Burns Association regional schools competition was held at Dumfries Academy.

There were four disciplines in various age groups consisting of singing, recitation, instrumental and bagpiping. Association president Mike Duguid presented the trophies as follows: P4/5 The Hole I' the Wa' Scroll (recitation) - Ella McTeir.

The Dumfries Burns Club Trophy (singing) - Ella McTeir.

The Burns Howff Trophy (instrumental) - Reuben John.

P6/7 Burnst Bust 1 (recitation) - Molly McTeir.

Burns Bust 2 (singing) - Fraser Dodd. Dumfries Ladies Shield (instrumental) - Aimee Carruthers.

The Hugh Sloan Trophy (bagpiping) - Gregor Grierson. S1/2 Annan Ladies Shield (recitation) - Rowan Hastie.

The Burns Howff Shield (singing) - Rowan Hastie.

Dumfries & District Round Table Trophy (instrumental) - Priya Rome.

The David Baird Quaich (bagpiping) - Jack McGowan.

S3/4 The Helen Smith Memorial Trophy (recitation) - Troy Barbour.

The EME (Scotland) Shield (singing) - Bethany Nicholson.

The SSCBA Shield (instrumental) - Anna Pearcey.

The Isa Hanley Trophy (bagpiping) - Riona Green.

S5/6 The Nithsdale Bi-centenary Glass Trophy (recitation) - Aisling Anderson.

The Dumfries and Galloway Council Trophy (singing) - Aisling Anderson.

The Friends of Ellisland Quaich (instrumental) - Aisling Anderson.

The Ena Brockwell Trophy (bagpiping) - Rory Morford. Overall winners The Avrill Brocket Memorial Trophy (best primary pupil) - Gregor Grierson.

The Derek Rangecroft Millennium Trophy (best secondary pupil) - Aisling Anderson.

The Rose Edgar Memorial Trophy 1 (best overall reciter) - Aisling Anderson.

The Rose Edgar Memorial Trophy 2 (best overall singer) - Rowan Hastie.

The Jane Brown Trophy (best overall instrumentalist) - Aisling Anderson.

The Stewart Jardine Trophy (best overall bagpiper) - Rory Morford.

The Robert Burns Bicentenary Trophy (winning primary school) - Sanquhar Primary.

The SSCBA Trophy (winning secondary school) - Lockerbie Academy.

The Violet Saunders Book Prize (overall best reciter) - Aisling Anderson.

Primary school medal winners P4/5 recitation: 1 Ella McTeir (Sanquhar); 2 Isla Newton (Hottsbridge); 3 Callie Little (Easglesfield).

P4/5 singing: 1 Ella McTeir (Sanquhar); 2 Teigan Weir (Troqueer); 3 Lucy Gallacher (Sanquhar).

P4/5 instrumental: 1 Reuben John (Elmvale); 2 Carla Culross (Elmvale); 3 Gabriella Hamlet (Cargenbridge).

P6/7 recitation: 1 Molly McTeir (Sanquhar); 2 Finlay Smail (Troqueer); 3 Tess Harper (Troqueer).

P6/7 singing: 1 Fraser Dodd (Tundergarth); 2 Joe Clark (Troqueer); 3 Molly McTeir (Sanquhar).

P6/7 instrumental: 1 Aimee Carruthers (Newington); 2 Charlotte Hamlet (Cargenbridge); 3 Niamh Stainthorpe (Cummertrees).

P6/7 bagpiping: 1 Gregor Grierson (Georgetown); 2 Finley Baillie (Sanquhar); 3 Corey Anderson (Penpont).

Secondary school medal winners S1/2 recitation: 1 Rowan Hastie (Sanquhar); 2 Star Murdy (Lockerbie); 3 Beth Curry (Sanquhar).

S/1/2 singing: 1 Rowan Hastie (Sanquhar); 2 Rose Byers (Lockerbie); 3 Olivia Cameron (Sanquhar).

S1/2 instrumental: 1 Priya Rome (Wallace Hall); 2 Shaunie Craig (Lockerbie); 3 Erin Ewing (Annan).

S1/2 bagpiping: 1 Jack McGowan (St Joseph's); 2 Billy Smith (Dumfries HS); 3 Curran Stainthorpe (St Joseph's).

S3/4 recitation: 1 Troy Barbour (Sanquhar); 2 Lois Geddes (Wallace Hall). S3/4 singing: 1 Bethany Nicholson (Wallace Hall); 2 Taylor Nelson (Lockerbie); 3 Ailsa Black (Wallace Hall).

S3/4 instrumental: 1 Anna Pearcey (St Joseph's); 2 Taylor Nelson (Lockerbie).

S3/4 bagpiping: 1 Riona Green (Dumfries HS).

S5/6 recitation: 1 Aisling Anderson (Lockerbie); 2 Emily Kennedy (Wallace Hall).

S5/6 singing: 1 Aisling Anderson; 2 Zoe Lockerbie (Lockerbie); 3 Kimberley Fawcett (Lockerbie).

S5/6 instrumental: 1 Aisling Anderson (Lockerbie); 2 Rory Morford (Lockerbie).

S5/6 bagpiping: 1 Rory Morford (Lockerbie).

The winners of each category competed for the overall titles.

Best primary reciter: Molly McTeir (Sanquhar).

Best primary singer: Fraser Dodd (Tundergarth).

Best primary instrumentalist: Aimee Carruthers (Newington).

Best primary bagpiper: Gregor Grierson (Georgetown).

Best secondary reciter: Aisling Anderson (Lockerbie).

Best secondary singer: Rowan Hastie (Sanquhar). Best secondary instrumentalist: Aisling Anderson (Lockerbie).

Best secondary bagpiper: Rory Morford (Lockerbie). Best primary pupil: Gregor Grierson (Georgetown).

Best secondary pupil: Aisling Anderson (Lockerbie).

Best overall reciter: Aisling Anderson (Lockerbie).

Best overall singer: Rowan Hastie (Sanquhar).

Best overall instrumentalist: Aisling Anderson (Lockerbie).

Best overall bagpiper: Rory Morford (Lockerbie). Best primary school: Sanquhar. Best secondary school: Lockerbie Academy. The Violet Saunders Book Prize: Aisling Anderson (Lockerbie).

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Date:Feb 23, 2018
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