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Burning olive oil requires wick modifications.

COUNTRYSIDE: I've subscribed to your magazine for years and find it chock full of valuable information. I know I've read something somewhere in an issue about using olive oil as a replacement for kerosene or paraffin based lamp oils. The article mentioned that if the lamp were knocked over the olive oil wouldn't ignite like the other oils.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong with my lamp wicks but I can't get a steady flame. The olive oil doesn't seem to draw up into the flat woven wick properly. Should I use a different wick? Help! Thanks!--No name, via e-mail

The key to burning olive oil is in the wick. You'll need a large weave wick, and keep it saturated at all times. Lehman's ( and other companies sell oil wicks and lamps specifically for burning olive oil.
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