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Burning desire to oppose Duval.

SO let's get this straight. David Duval, the best golfer in the world, has jeopardised his chances of winning his first major because he burnt his fingers on a hot teapot.

This is strange for any number of reasons. Don't get me wrong, unlike many of my colleagues I have no problem with the basic principle of him making tea, I just can't get my head around the fact that a man with the manual dexterity to work a small sphere into a small hole from 150 yards with one motion can be so cack-handed as to injure himself in the simple process of making a cuppa.

Living as he does in sunny Florida, one would have thought he had no particular need to warm the pot like your granny does, and to try to pick it up after it has been on the gas flame is just plain daft. How can we take him seriously any more?

Sporting Index, the only spread firm with the bottle to quote Duval's finishing position in this week's US Open, go 26-29, which looks as safe a buy as one could imagine.

Duval, for all his recent brilliance, has US Open form figures of 67-48-7 for the last three years, says he would not have bothered playing this week had it been any other event and has hardly been able to practise.

If he beats 29 of his 155 rivals this week with the odds stacked so heavily against him he will have proved himself a truly class act, but he is crying out to be opposed.
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Title Annotation:Sports
Author:Millington, Bruce
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jun 17, 1999
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