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Burne, Cristy: The Filth Licker.

Burne, Cristy

The Filth Licker

Illustrated by Siku

Frances Lincoln, 2011, pp202, 5.99 [pounds sterling]

978 1 84780 136 4

'Akaname (Filth Licker) ... has red frog-like skin, a long hairy tongue and a fondness for slime, mould and rot. He likes to lick grimy bathrooms until they sparkle.'

The Filth Licker follows on from Cristy Burne's prizewinning first novel, Takeshita Demons. Miku the main character has recently moved to England from Japan. She has brought with her extensive knowledge of Japanese folklore and yokai, supernatural demons. For some mysterious reason the demons have accompanied Miku to England so her English school mates are exposed to the many unpleasant manifestations of the yokai. Consequently when Miku and her classmates go off on school camp their adventures begin. Oscar develops a mysterious rash and Alex finds the Filth Licker in the shower which launches Miku and her companions on a perilous quest where they are beset by all manner of supernatural creatures. Brilliant manga-type illustrations by Siku complement the text and there is also a useful glossary giving information about the many demons that make an appearance in the book. This is basically a fantasy adventure story with the fascinating addition of Japanese folk-lore: it is moderately scary and fast-moving and will definitely appeal to confident readers in junior school and the lower years in secondary school.

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Author:Crawford, Mary
Publication:School Librarian
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 22, 2011
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