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Buried Alive.

Buried Alive Buried Alive is an actual case study focusing on document retention. The video is important to anyone who creates, saves, or destroys documents.

In this study, an organization is defending itself against legal action, and the video focuses on the need for complying with document retention plans and schedules. Each segment effectively dramatizes the impact of improper document handling.

Viewers are reminded that information takes many different forms and is stored on all kinds of media, especially paper. Managing the retention of these documents can make the difference between staying on top and being buried.

The purpose of the video is to point out how important having and following a document retention policy is. The tape focuses mainly on procedures for paper retention as opposed to computer media storage and retention.

The objective of creating a retention policy is to clean up unnecessary records, free up space, and make retention and retrieval more effective. In this company, a good system reduced the cost of document storage and the time employees spent searching for specific documents. Viewers are reminded continuously to follow a retention policy by the book and stay on schedule because of the cost of storing excess records. The tape suggests employees take the following steps:

* Don't be a "just-in-case" document saver.

* retain and destroy systematically.

* Segregate records according to the retention timetable.

* Retain only for legal, operational, or archival needs.

* Don't retain unscheduled temporary materials like drafts, reminder notes, worksheets, or extra copies.

In this case, improperly retained records preserved a trail of ambiguous language, opinions, criticism, and remarks that were turned into evidence against the organization. Viewers learn from these mistakes that wording should accurately reflect an organization's concern with ethics and compliance with laws, safety, and proper practices. This video clearly depicts the consequences of accumulating excess documents or destroying documents haphazardly.
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Author:Sobol, Michael I.
Publication:Security Management
Article Type:Video Recording Review
Date:Sep 1, 1990
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