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Burglars have no scruples; YourSay.

I READ with absolute disgust and horror the Birmingham Mail on Thursday ('Burgled during wife's funeral', September 17), the story about scumbag burglars who broke in to the home of Malcolm Eaton while he attended his beloved wife Lillian's funeral.

It just goes to show at no time should you drop your guard to these weak individuals. I'm sure Mr Eaton had other matters to mind than securing his home, and I would bet my last pound that these monsters were aware of the funeral of his wife that day and waited for all to leave.

I would normally ask if these people had any conscience, but I am pretty sure not only are they prolific offenders to such horrors and more, but no doubt will they do it again in the same circumstances, so readers please be aware as burglars have no conscience.

R.Mason, Erdington


Stolen: The stereo system (above) and the fire (top left). Right, the damaged back gate and (left) how the Mail reported the break-in.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Sep 21, 2009
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