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Burger King leads fast-food pack.

BURGER KING LEADS FAST-FOOD PACK. Nearly half of all Puerto Rico residents eat at a quick-service restaurant (QSR) every week, according to a Gaither Intl, WOSO Radio, Caribbean Business poll with more than 20,000 face-to-face interviews, reports Caribbean Business (Jan. 24, 2013). Most respondents report having last visited Burger King (30%), Church's Chicken (14%), McDonald's (12%), Wendy's (8%) and KFC (6%). Others mentioned include local Chinese (6%), Subway (5%), Chili's (3%) and Ponderosa (3%). The younger the respondents, the likelier they are to have visited a fast-food restaurant, while 63% of those younger than 18 and 64% of those 18-34 stated they do, compared with those 35-54 (50%) and those 55+ (28%).
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Title Annotation:PUERTO KICO
Publication:Caribbean Update
Date:Mar 1, 2013
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