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Bunny hop.

Rabbits these days sure are competitivel Last year, Switzerland hosted the first European Rabbit Hopping Championships. Bunnies in the competition bounce through an obstacle course earning points for speed and how high they jump.

Paula Watkins, manager of the Cape Fear House Rabbit Society in North Carolina, says, "[Rabbits] need a lot of exercise and stimulation, and they like to run around." She stresses, however, that training must be done humanely.

Rabbits have strong hind-leg muscles that allow some species to jump more than 1 meter (3 feet) high. If rabbits are always kept in cages, their powerful leg muscles will atrophy, or waste away.

HIGH JUMPERS: Rabbits competing in show jumping earn points for speed and agility.

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Title Annotation:BIOLOGY: ANIMAL ADAPTATION; European Rabbit Hopping Championships
Author:Dehart, Charlye
Publication:Science World
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Date:Feb 13, 2012
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