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Bunnies with lots to rabbit about; Last Night.

With all-nude lap and table dancing now apparently a staple element of business entertaining expenses, the days of the Playboy Bunny appears a positive age of innocence.

Indeed, hearing retired English rabbits reminiscing over their bob-tailed days in The Bunny Girl (Channel 4) was rather like a vicarage coffee morning with former debs and respectable ladies of the manor.

The London Playboy Club opened in 1966, run by Victor Lowndes, and while tales of his hot and cold running girls may have seemed sexually scandalous back then, modern eyebrows would probably be barely raised. And while there were passing references to wild times, suicides and even a murder, this came over as more an affectionate memoir of the good old days.

The women, still attractive and most now moving in society circles of one form or another, recalled learning how to carry high trays and do the bunny dip, the strict rules, the uncomfortable costumes, the weigh-ins on industrial machines and the sweet and sexy but never trashy image.

With stories of keeping coke bottles to relieve your tired feet on and of earning points to get things from catalogues, Green Shield style, it all sounded veritably old fashioned. Amusing recollections included tales of visiting celebs (" I snogged Dustin Hoffman," "I turned down Omar Sharif," "I said no to Sean Connery") and visiting Harrods to buy Lowndes' amyl nitrate, before the arrival of oil sheiks and punters urinating at the casino table sent the club's tone plummeting towards the eventual closure.

Entertaining viewing, but one question nags. The group photo included a black woman. Since Bunnies appear to have been exclusively white, she would surely have had some interesting observations. So why didn't they ask her?

Mike Davies
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Author:Davies, Mike
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Date:Sep 15, 1999
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