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Bun and done!

Tresses need a new twist? Turn your ballerina basic into one of these tricked-out topknots.


1. Pull hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic on the top of your head.

2. Use a teasing brush to gently backcomb the length of your pony, creating texture and faking a thicker mane.

3. Wrap the length around the base, then secure with bobby pins.

TOPKNOT TIP: Have short or thin strands? Use a bun tool to bulk them up. Slip the mesh "doughnut" down your pony to rest at the base, then wrap hair length around it and pin (try Hot Buns, $10,


1. Prep strands with a texturizing blow-dry potion (try Pureology Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifier, $22, before drying.

2. Gather the section of hair between the arches of both brows and gently backcomb to build body, then secure hair in a pony at the crown, pulling tightly on both sides but leaving the teased top a bit loose.

3. Wrap your pony around the base into a messy twist and secure with pins. Finish with a mist of hairspray all over.

TOPKNOT TIP: Try using a hair pick (or a thin makeup brush or pencil) to gently pull up on the teased section to get Ashley's amped-up volume in front.


1. Pull hair into a pony and secure at the top of your crown.

2. Slip on a ponytail extender piece (try HairDo Simply Straight 18" Pony Extension, $40, and follow the instructions to properly secure the extension.

3. Wrap the pony around the base into a flat, wide bun (like a cinnamon roll), pinning in place with bobbies as you go.

TOPKNOT TIP: Up the glam factor with sparkly chandelier earrings--a bun is the perf style for showing off a pair of sparklers.


1. Texturizing powder--the new superhero of styling products for updos--is key to creating this messy twist. Dust onto fingers, then massage in roots to crown (Try Tigi Bed Head Sugar Dust, $17,

2. Pull hair into the pony and secure with elastic. Dust a bit more powder into the length of tail, then muss up into piece-y sections.

3. Twist, tuck and secure with pins.

TOPKNOT TIP: A spritz of strong hold spray keeps spiky flyaways in a prominent place.


Top your topknot with a dazzler that's ...

FEMME: Shop Lately Mauve Bow Barrette, $16,

FIERCE: Forever 21 Jaguar Hair Elastic, $5,

FUN: Shop Lately Camo with Gold Chain Hair Tie Bracelet, $13,

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