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Bumps in the road.

Clutch Pedal No-No

Using the excavator's clutch pedal as a footrest is a big no-no! Any bump or pothole you hit disengages or engages the SEE's transmission. This yo-yo effect puts a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on the clutch and transmission--like wearing out the clutch disk or the release bearing. End result-your excavator is going nowhere!

So play it sale and keep your foot off the clutch pedal while driving the SEE.

Four-Wheel Drive

Don't engage either of the SEE's four wheel drive options when a wheel is spinning in sand, dirt or mud. You'll damage a differential of U-joints if you do.

Instead, engage the four-wheel drive before getting into the soft stuff. If you forget and wheels start spinning, STOP! Then, switch into four-wheel drive and move out. Also, never drive on a hard surface road with the differential locks engaged. That puts a strain on differentials, U-joints and tires.
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