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Immortalizing America's Generous Spirit. Esrum, Eva K. May 1, 2019 1371
Effect of in vitro Selenium Addition to the Semen Extender on the Spermatozoa Characteristics before and after Freezing in Kundhi Buffalo Bull and in vivo Fertility Rate. Report Feb 28, 2019 5447
Hepatic transcriptional changes in critical genes for gluconeogenesis following castration of bulls. Fassah, Dilla Mareistia; Jeong, Jin Young; Baik, Myunggi Report Apr 1, 2018 6503
Modification of Electro-Ejaculation Technique to Minimise Discomfort during Semen Collection in Bulls. Baiee, Falah; Haron, Wahid; Yusoff, Rosnina; Omar, Ariff; Yimer, Nurhusien; Hammadi, Salman; Ahmedel Report Feb 28, 2018 4364
Cross Breeding Promotes Deterioration of Semen Quality in Cattle Bulls. Khan, Ibrar Muhammad; Khan, Rifat Ullah; Qureshi, Muhammad Subhan; Usman, Tahir; Khan, Adnan; Ullah, Report Feb 28, 2018 5028
Prediction of Fattening Final Live Weight from some Body Measurements and Fattening Period in Young Bulls of Crossbred and Exotic Breeds using MARS Data Mining Algorithm. Aytekin, Ibrahim; Eyduran, Ecevit; Karadas, Koksal; Aksahan, Rifat; Keskin, Ismail Report Feb 28, 2018 4775
Autohemotherapy for Management of Cutaneous Papillomatosis in a Bull. Chand, N.; Sirohi, A.S.; Tyagi, S. Report Jan 1, 2018 1055
Frozen-Thawed Quality of Bull Semen after Combined Supplementation of Docosahexaenoic Acid and Alpha Linolenic Acid into Tris based Semen Extender. Kaka, Asmatullah; Haron, Wahid; Yusoff, Rosnina; Yimer, Nurhusien; Khumran, A.M.; Memon, Akeel Ahmed Report Dec 31, 2017 3495
RUNNING WITH SAN FERMIN: Pursuing a life goal, NCR reporter runs with bulls on streets of Pamplona. Roewe, Brian Dec 1, 2017 2645
Effect of Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis) on Fertility Indicators of Post-Thawed Bull Spermatozoa. Khan, Hamayun; Khan, Momen; Qureshi, Muhammad Subhan; Ahmad, Shakoor; Gohar, Ali; Ullah, Hameed; Ull Report Aug 31, 2017 4792
Comparative Evaluation of Laparoscopic and Open Vasectomy Techniques in Teaser bulls. Tripathi, S.D.; Khandekar, G.S.; Datir, Anil A.; Ambore, G.S.; Pawar, Ashish Report Jul 1, 2017 788
Surgical Management of Hydrocele - A Common Complication of Closed Method of Castration - A Report of 18 Bulls. Devi Prasad, V.; Kumar, P. Ravi; Sreenu, Makkena Report Jul 1, 2017 1144
Surgical Management of Intestinal Obstruction in a Bull. Kamble, M.V. Clinical report Jul 1, 2017 832
Surgical Management of Chronic Preputial Prolapse in a Bull. Bodh, Deepti; Bhat, Shahnawaz A.; Inderpal Clinical report Jul 1, 2017 1271
Surgical Management of Urethral Rupture in a Gir bull. Bharti, B.; Patel, R.D.; Prajapati, J. Clinical report Jul 1, 2017 713
Analysis of the Ocular Refractive State in Fighting Bulls: Astigmatism Prevalence. Bueno, Juan M.; Sapio, Matteo Lo; Sanes, J. Manuel; Seva, Juan Report Jan 1, 2017 5199
Relationship of Age, Breed and Libido with Semen Traits of Cattle Bulls. Rehman, H.; Alhidary, I.A.; Khan, R.U.; Qureshi, M.S.; Sadique, U.; Khan, H.; Yaqoob, S.H. Report Dec 31, 2016 3971
Running of the bull. Nych, Marshall May 1, 2016 1451
Therapeutic management of otitis media due to pseudomonas spp. in a bullock. Bhojani, R.J.; Chahar, A.; Ramhari, M. Report Jul 1, 2015 691
Clinico-therapeutic management of actinobacillosis in a bullock. Patel, B.R.; Patel, J.S.; Parmar, S.C. Report Jul 1, 2015 1201
Animal performance and carcass characteristics of bulls (1/2 Puruna vs 1/2 Canchim) slaughtered at 16 and 22 months old, and three different weights. do Prado, Ivanor Nunes; Eiras, Carlos Emanuel; Fugita, Carlos Alberto; Passetti, Rodrigo Augusto Cor Report May 1, 2015 6219
Yuvraj--an award winning pure bred Murrah bull. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 172
Feeding of Extruded Flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) and Pasture in Podolica Young Bulls: Effects on Growth Traits Meat Quality and Fatty Acid Composition. Ragni, Marco; Toteda, Francesco; Tufarelli, Vincenzo; Laudadio, Vito; Facciolongo, Annamaria; Dipalo Report Aug 31, 2014 6084
Effect of Glutathione in Extender on the Freezability of Sahiwal Bull Spermatozoa. Ansari, Muhammad Sajjad; Rakha, Bushra Allah; Iqbal, Razia; Akhter, Shamim Report Feb 28, 2014 2540
Iran buying lots of US bull semen. Brief article Jun 14, 2013 184
Variation of meat quality parameters due to conformation and fat class in Limousin bulls slaughtered at 25 to 27 months of age. Guzek, Dominika; Glabska, Dominika; Pogorzelski, Grzegorz; Kozan, Karolina; Pietras, Jacek; Konarska Report May 1, 2013 4165
Effect of carbohydrate sources and levels of cotton seed meal in concentrate on feed intake, nutrient digestibility, rumen fermentation and microbial protein synthesis in young dairy bulls. Wanapat, M.; Anantasook, N.; Rowlinson, P.; Pilajun, R.; Gunun, P. Report Mar 22, 2013 6196
Subfertility problems leading to disposal of breeding bulls. Khatun, Marzina; Kaur, Simarjeet; Kanchan; Mukhopadhyay, C.S. Report Mar 1, 2013 4842
The effect of slaughter season on the fatty acid profile in four types of fat deposits in crossbred beef bulls. Sobczuk-Szul, Monika; Wronski, Marek; Wielgosz-Groth, Zofia; Mochol, Magdalena; Rzemieniewski, Arkad Report Feb 1, 2013 5020
Horn fracture and its immobilization using indigenous technique in a bullock. Lakshmi, N. Dhana; Sankar, P.; Sailaja, B. Report Jan 1, 2013 430
Autologous Bone Marrow derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (BM-MSCs) therapy for treatment of chronic limb wound in a bull. Das, Jayakrushna; Nath, I.; Routray, P.; Das, R.K. Report Jan 1, 2013 2594
HAEMATOLOGIC PROFILE REVISITED: ADULT CHOLISTANI BREEDING BULLS AS A MODEL. Farooq, U.; Ijaz, A.; N. Ahmad; Rehman, H.; Zaneb, H. Report Dec 31, 2012 3142
EVALUATION OF CARCASS TRAITS OF LAGUNAIRE, BORGOU AND ZEBU FULANI BULLS RAISED ON NATURAL PASTURE IN BENIN. Salifou, C.F.A.; Dahouda, M.; Ahounou, G.S.; Kassa, S.K.; Tougan, P.U.; Farougou, S.; Mensah, G.A.; Report Dec 31, 2012 7884
Evaluation of a nutrition model in predicting performance of Vietnamese cattle. Parsons, David; Van, Nguyen Huu; Malau-Aduli, Aduli E.O.; Ba, Nguyen Xuan; Phung, Le Dinh; Lane, Pet Report Sep 1, 2012 7318
Replacing concentrate with wheat straw treated with urea molasses and ensiled with manure: effects on ruminal characteristics, in situ digestion kinetics and nitrogen metabolism of. Bulls, Nili-Ravi Buffalo Report Aug 1, 2011 5937
Effect of L-Cysteine in Tris-citric Egg Yolk Extender on Post-Thaw Quality of Nili-Ravi Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Bull Spermatozoa. Ansari, Muhammad Sajjad; Rakha, Bushra Allah; Ullah, Nemat; Andrabi, Syed Murtaza Hussain; Akhter, S Report Mar 31, 2011 4153
Glutathione Addition in Tris-citric Egg Yolk Extender Improves the Quality of Cooled Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Bull Semen. Ansari, Muhammad Sajjad; Rakha, Bushra Allah; Ullah, Nemat; Akhter, Shamim; Andrabi, Syed Murtaza Hu Report Mar 31, 2011 3695
Evaluation of dry matter intake and average daily gain predicted by the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System in crossbred growing bulls kept in a traditionally confined feeding system in China. Du, Jinping; Liang, Yi; Xin, Hangshu; Xue, Feng; Zhao, Jinshi; Ren, Liping; Qingxiang, Meng Report Nov 1, 2010 6815
Muscle fiber characteristics and their relationship to water holding capacity of longissimus dorsi muscle in Brahman and Charolais crossbred bulls. Waritthitham, A.; Lambertz, C.; Langholz, H.-J.; Wicke, M.; Gauly, M. Report May 1, 2010 4880
Subfertility in males: an important cause of bull disposal in bovines. Mukhopadhyay, C.S.; Gupta, A.K.; Yadav, B.R.; Khate, K.; Raina, V.S.; Mohanty, T.K.; Dubey, P.P. Report Mar 11, 2010 3926
The perfect squelch. Berger, Mary A. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 117
Chemical and fatty acid composition of Longissimus muscle of crossbred bulls finished in feedlot. do Prado, Ivanor Nunes; de Oliveira, Adriana Nery; Rotta, Polyana Pizzi; Perotto, Daniel; Prado, Rod Report Jul 1, 2009 5126
Genetic evaluation and calculating daughter yield deviation of bulls in Iranian Holstein cattle for milk and fat yields. Sheikhloo, M.; Shodja, J.; Pirany, N.; Alijani, S.; Sayadnejad, M.B. Report May 1, 2009 4400
Carcass characteristics and chemical composition of the Longissimus muscle of Nellore, Caracu and Holstein-Friesian bulls finished in a feedlot. Rotta, Polyana Pizzi; do Prado, Ivanor Nunes; do Prado, Rodolpho Martin; Moletta, Jose Luiz; Silva, Report Apr 1, 2009 6428
Chemical composition and fatty acid profile in crossbred (Bos taurus vs. Bos indicus) young bulls finished in a feedlot. Ducatti, Taciana; do Prado, Ivanor Nunes; Rotta, Polyana Pizzi; do Prado, Rodolpho Martin; Perotto, Report Mar 1, 2009 5815
Bermuda grass hay or sorghum silage with or without yeast addition on performance and carcass characteristics of crossbred young bulls finished in feedlot. Maggioni, Daniele; Marques, Jair de Araujo; Perotto, Daniel; Rotta, Polyana Pizzi; Ducatti, Taciana; Report Feb 1, 2009 7363
Carcass characteristics, chemical composition and fatty acid profile of Longissimus muscle of bulls and steers finished in a pasture system bulls and steers finished in pasture systems. Aricetti, Juliana Aparecida; Rotta, Polyana Pizzi; do Prado, Rodolpho Martin; Perotto, Daniel; Molet Report Oct 1, 2008 6312
Carcass characteristics, chemical composition and fatty acid profile of the Longissimus muscle of bulls (Bos taurus indicus vs. Bos taurus taurus) finished in pasture systems. do Prado, Ivanor Nunes; Aricetti, Juliana Aparecida; Rotta, Polyana Pizzi; do Prado, Rodolpho Martin Report Oct 1, 2008 7997
Carcass characteristics and chemical composition of the Longissimus muscle of Puruna and 1/2 Puruna vs. 1/2 Canchin bulls meat quality of bulls. do Prado, Ivanor Nunes; Rotta, Polyana Pizzi; do Prado, Rodolpho Martin; Visantainer, Jesui Vergilio Report Sep 1, 2008 6588
A word about bulls: a few facts and tips. Thomas, Heather Smith Jul 1, 2008 1602
The effects of dietary sulfur and vitamin E supplementation on the quality of beef from the Longissimus muscle of Hanwoo bulls. Lee, Sung Ki; Panjono; Kang, Sun Moon; Kim, Tae Sil; Park, Yeon Soo Report Jul 1, 2008 6113
Ruminal characteristics, blood pH, blood urea nitrogen and nitrogen balance in Nili-ravi buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) bulls fed diets containing various levels of ruminally degradable protein. Javaid, A.; Mahr-un-Nisa; Sarwar, M.; Shahzad, M. Aasif Report Jan 1, 2008 7038
Sick sacred bull slaughtered. Brief article Aug 17, 2007 179
Super bull. Bryner, Jeanna Brief Article Sep 20, 2004 232
Fastigheter. Brief Article Oct 22, 2002 119
The race of Mudgala and Mudgalani. Brereton, Joel P. Apr 1, 2002 9424
Safety's No Bull. Hadley, Don Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 1410
The Fiesta de San Fermin in Spain. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 127
Mapping the Way to Bovine Bounty. Suszkiw, Jan Jul 1, 2000 1169
Nyati Safari. Aug 1, 1999 1951

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