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Bullion for goods; European and Indian merchants in the Indian Ocean trade, 1500-1800.




Bullion for goods; European and Indian merchants in the Indian Ocean trade, 1500-1800.

Prakash, Om.

Manohar, [c]2004

426 p.


Prakash (economic history, U. of Delhi) reprints 21 articles and essays first published over the last 40 years on issues arising out of the European commercial presence in the Indian Ocean region and the interaction they had with their Asian counterparts. Many of them deal with overlapping themes, but in varying depth and emphasis. He has updated the references. Among his topics are the Dutch East Indian Company in the trade of the Indian Ocean, the European trading companies and the merchants of Bengal from 1650 to 1725, and precious metal flows into India in the early modern period. Distributed in the US by South Asia Books.
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Date:Aug 1, 2005
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