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Bullies drove my Jordan to eat 3 school dinners a day.. but he lost 7st before going to jungle; I'M A CELEBRITY HUNK'S MUM ON HIS TEEN COMFORT BINGES.

Byline: HALINA WATTS in Queensland, Australia

JORDAN Banjo looks like this year's I'm A Celebrity top hunk as he flashes his ripped six-pack in the camp.

But his mum has spoken of how the Diversity dancer's weight ballooned in his teens as he turned to comfort eating to cope with racist bullying.

He then decided to trim down and shed seven stone - and these exclusive pictures show his incredible transformation.

Mum Danielle said: "Jordan has lost seven stone, he looks completely different to what he did before. He's confident and funny but he suffered with his weight. When he was with the group, he blended in and no one realised how big he was.

"But about five years ago, he didn't want to be this big guy. That's where all his humour came from, he was the big guy who was funny. He went on a fitness regime and overcame being insecure. It wasn't just about losing weight but about getting fit.

When he was fatter, he was one of the best dancers but there was so many moves he couldn't do because of his weight.

"He doesn't think he's good-looking. From 12 to 16 he put the weight on, he was the only mixed kid in school and got bullied, so he would comfort eat. It was psychological bullying, name-calling, horrible stuff. "He made friends with Denise the dinner lady and would have three meals at lunch. It became habit. It was a horrible time."

Diversity won Britain's Got Talent in 2009 and Jordan then decided it was time to shift the weight.

His mum said: "One day, he just decided to lose the weight, he did it all on his own. He wouldn't divulge what clothes size he was. At the beginning he lost a lot of weight and we were concerned. It was extreme. He didn't eat much and the group were exercising a lot. We had to tell him to calm down. Now he is fine, he's got it under control and has found that balance."

Since joining I'm A Celebrity, Jordan, 23, has completed challenges including Stranded, where he had to tap out morse code to win gold stars. Earlier in the week, he broke down in tears as he admitted he missed his mum.

He said: "When we're on tour I'm always with my mum and brother. I feel homesick, I literally keep finding myself getting emotional, I hate it."

Campmate Lisa Snowdon told him: "Just think about those lovely things, you're gonna have cuddles and chats, that'll keep you going, they'll be super-proud of you."

Later, in the Bush Telegraph, Jordan said: "It all got a bit emotional."

Since arriving in camp, Jordan has opted to clean the toilet - insisting he is useless with everything else. But he has been learning how to cook, helping Lisa prepare the camp's meals.

Danielle said: "It's been a real rollercoaster. I'm a bag of nerves. He does everything with his brothers and now he is out there on his own. He is always with the boys in Diversity and doesn't do things on his own.

"As a mum, I'm worried. But he is the person who won't give up and if he had too, he would be so upset."

She said she reckons campmate Joel Dommett, 30, will be "right up his street", adding: "I hope they pick each other up, even the funny ones are going to get homesick, it is bound to happen.

I hope funny comes through, he me up MUM "I hope Jordan's funny side comes through because he really cracks me up."

Jordan was born in 1992 to Nigerian father Funso, a professional boxer, and former Ballet dancer Danielle, who now helps with Diversity's management and runs Danceworks Studios.

Essex-based Diversity formed in 2007 and was made up of pals including Jordan's older brother Ashley, who choreographed them. After the act beat West Lothian singer Susan Boyle in the final, Jordan went on to host his own show with Perri Kiely, called Jordan and Perri's Ultimate Block Party.

his side He's also hosted the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards for two years.

cracks Sister Talisa is flying out DANIELLE to Australia next week so she can be with Jordan when he leaves the jungle. Danielle said: "I'm devastated that I can't be there but Talisa is going to look after him when he comes out."

I'M A Celebrity star Danny Baker has revealed he wants to become the "villain" of the show.

The BBC radio DJ, 59, entered the camp two days ago and pals have said he will "stir up" the jungle.

Danny said: "You do need a few villains maybe I'll provide that."

" And Extra Camp star Andy Peters said: "I think Danny will stir things up,think that's his nature. It's is nice to see them have a nice time but we want to see who flips. I think Carol will flip at some point."

Last night fellow campmate Lisa Snowdon, 44, suggested that Danny might cause trouble in the camp.

He recruited Carol Vorderman, 55, to help him with a Bushtucker trial and they went head to head with Homes Under The Hammer star Martin Roberts, 53.

We help birthday boy's stay HOST Ant McPartlin has revealed he is missing his wife desperately, saying: "That's the hardest part."

The presenter turned 41 yesterday in Australia while wife Lisa Armstrong is working on Strictly in the UK.

But we managed to cheer him up with a gift of booze and balloons.

He said: "I'm missing the missus and the dog, the dog sent me a birthday card with big paw prints on it!

"But I feel great, I feel like I'm 25. I'm having a good time."

" And when our Halina handed him his present, Dec gushed: "That's amazing,love that.

"I feel like we've won the lottery and she's our mum. Or my wife, and a lover."

CAROL VORDERMAN "Nippy-nipped" by a yabby never sounded so saucy. The water dragon went for her Rear Of The Year. 9/10 SCARLETT MOFFATT Welling up over her new showbiz pals it's sinking in she's a celeb in her own right now too. 8/10 DANNY BAKER Lacking an appetite should make jungle life a breeze when the tucker bag hits a dry patch. 8/10 LISA SNOWDON Good at grabbing critters 'cause she has big hands. Now we know what attracted Clooney. 7/10 LARRY LAMB Feeing threatened as daddy of the camp since Danny and Martin arrived. 8/10 JOEL DOMMETT Compared group split to Geri leaving Spice Girls. Jungle reunion in 20 years with half missing? 7/10 Guessed Hungry Games losers rumbling bellies would stir tension. Getting the hang of cooking. 7/10 WAYNE BRIDGE Doesn't know what an emu Someone needs to swot up on Rod Hull when he gets home. 4/10 MARTIN ROBERTS No need to be nervous about fitting in as latecomer's hammering his way in. 7/10 ADAM THOMAS Ticked off after becoming the first campmate to get bitten by a beastie. What a big girl's blouse. 6/10 SAM QUEK Miffed as the yellow team whooped about winning dinner. Don't mess with a hungry Olympian. 5/10 OLA JORDAN Squealing over raining critters stopped her blending in but has to try harder to be seen. 6/10

I hope his funny side comes through, he cracks me up MUM DANIELLE


SNAKES ALIVE Danny Baker and Carol Vorderman face a creepy-crawlie trial

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worD Jordan was victim of vile bullies as a teen

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Jordan shows off six-pack in camp now
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