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Articles from Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science (January 1, 2005)

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"Keeping your sanity and staying positive (and trying, through media messages, to convince terrorists not to behead your kidnapped brother): lessons learned by an anxious family member caught in the middle of an international story". Timbs, Larry; Longshaw, Judy 425
"Toxicity, contamination, and tumorigenic response of commercial goldenseal (Hydrastis Canadensis), a popular medicinal herb.". Whetsel, Cody 145
1H-pyrazole-5-carboxamides and 5-isoxazolecarboxamides: multiple anion synthesis and characterization. Sober, Carolyn L.; Meierhoefer, Michelle A.; Vella, Jarrett H.; Grant, Bonnie J.; Grant, Sally P.; B Brief article 226
2004 Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge: awarding nominees at our Sciecne & Engineering Fairs. 1161
3-substituted 1,2-benzisothiazole-1,1-dioxides/beta-ketoesters: multiple anion synthesis and characterization. Meierhoefer, Michelle A.; Grant, Bonnie J.; Sober, Carolyn L.; Vella, Jarrett H.; Metz, Clyde R.; Be 232
A chord-based method for computing alpha particle doses to the skeleton. Frederick, Steven; Jokisch, Derek W. 138
A guided inquiry-based approach to the freshman chemistry laboratory. Yousefzadeh, Matt; Rogers, Amy L. 250
A herpetofaunal survey of long leaf pine heritage preserve. Cloninger, Patrick; Camper, Jeff Brief article 109
A herpetological survey of the Yawkey Wildlife Center. Dillman, James; Mousseau, Tim 330
A huygens pendulum. Adkins, Ancil; Kapranidis, Stelios; Koo, Reginald Brief article 80
A lowcountry light pollution assessment conducted by public volunteers. Richards, Dana Brief article 269
A monitoring platform for induction motor diagnostic. Kang, John Brief article 237
A photometric study of Slowly Pulsating B Stars. Andrews, Jennifer; Dukes, Robert 216
A public Internal Luminosity Function database for Gamma-Ray Bursts. Young, Kevin; Hakkila, Jon; Giblin, Tim 118
A role for a PLCa4-mediated signal transduction pathway in the circadian clock of the mouse brain. Jenkins, Travis; Meyer-Bernstein, Elizabeth Brief article 286
A statistical study of the factors that increase the risk of the development of leg complications related to chronic venous insufficiency. DeVaun, Erik 178
A survey of Blackberry production in upstate South Carolina for the presence of Blackberry Yellow Vein associated Virus. Braxton, Vaughn 124
A tale of two stars: analysis of light variations in candidate Slowly Pulsating B and Gamma Doradus variables. Sonnett, Sarah; Durkes, Robert J., Jr. 276
A temporal and spatial examination of on-location coal mining fatalities in the United States. Doner, Nicholas R. 179
A thirty seven year comparison of vegetation of three abandoned rice fields, Georgetown county, South Carolina. Stalter, Richard; Looby, Jemina; Baden, John Brief article 118
Alternative anthelmintics for organic dairy cattle. Yabut, Edward 134
An anionic polythiophene as a water-soluble fluorescent sensor. Lammi, Robin K.; Wood, Michelle 231
An investigation into the role that tetrahydrobiopterin plays in nitric oxide synthase. McPherson, Alex; Rogers,Amy L. 255
An investigation of the relationship between acylcarnitine oxidation and autism. Dodd, Andrew M.; Luz, Fordyce G., III; Wood, Timothy C. 100
Analysis of Atlantic white shrimp in the Charleston area for white spot syndrome virus using Shrimple[R] and real-time PCR. Buerkle, Shawna 154
Analysis of floral scent in real time using an electronic noserapid GC. Charlemagne, Shaniece A.; Raguso, Robert A. Brief article 147
Analysis of heat transfer for critical thickness of insulation in a cylindrical pipe. Lawson, Kemdy; Sriskanda, Nesan Brief article 152
Applications of molecular modeling to drug design. Strickland, Kyle; Krantzman, Kristin D.; Giles, James; Sendlinger, Shawn Brief article 153
Ascorbic acid biosynthesis and metabolism in hyperthyroid broiler chickens. Hite, Everett 211
Astronomical photography as a demonstration of the utility of spun-cast parabolic polymer mirrors. Richardson, T.R.; Scrivens, W.A.; Brodhacker, K.L. 113
Biochemical and hormonal response to stress induced by synthetic acth and regulation by ascorbic acid in broiler chickens. Huitt, Holly 162
Biological control of Adelges tsugae (HWA) with Sasajiscymnus tsugae (Ladybird Beetle). Askea, Erik J. Brief article 102
Burma Road Borrow Pit 2 soil investigation. Brown, Erin Brief article 261
Caldariomyces fumago chloroperoxidase is also a dehaloperoxidase: oxidative 4-dechlorination of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol. Osborne, Robert L.; Dawson, John H.; Raner, Gregory M.; Hager, Lowell P. Brief article 238
Certified Metrication Specialist (CMS) program. 468
Changes in polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) concentrations in surface sediments in Lake Hartwell, South Carolina. Lim, Mary Brief article 97
Characterization of a south carolina grown lemon-scented geranium oil (pelargonium 'frensham'). Murphy, Christine C.; Camper, N.D. Brief article 152
Characterization of a South Carolina grown rose-scented geranium oil (Pelargonium 'rober's lemon rose'). Murphy, Christine C.; Camper, N.D. Brief article 113
Circadian oscillations of signaling molecules in mouse peripheral tissues. Nazario, Ashley; Meyer-Bernstein, Elizabeth Brief article 269
Client-server data acquisition controller. Witthuhn, Joshua P.; Gothe, Ralf W.; Langheinrich, Joern H. Brief article 238
Cloning and expression of recombinant membrane receptor 1 in SF9 insect cells. Walker, Lavonda C. 135
Colony forming unit reduction mediated by Mannose-biofuntionalized Nanoparticles. Speaks, Joylaina 94
Comparison of ultra-high temperature milk and skim milk consumption behaviors among elementary school-aged students in one region of South Carolina: procedures and outcomes. Arrowood, John; Balotti, Angela; Silagyirebovich, Jean; Mitchell, Chad 296
Comparison study of the sun at various frequencies. Harward, Kayla Brief article 105
Computational materials science: from chemical reactions to drug design. Beharry, Kara; Payne, James E. 200
Construction of recombinant plasmids to study genes of the bph cluster. Busbee, Philip Brandon; Yates, James R. 187
Cotton trash density using a density gradient column. Bussell, Alexander S. Brief article 263
Curriculum analyses of a master of science in management program by quality function deployment. Ivankovic, Miren Brief article 189
Derivatives of the antibiotic cytosporone E. Siddiqi, Nasar; Wyatt, Justin K. 128
Design and cloning of a hammerhead ribozyme targeted to HIV-1 VPU. Arthur, Connie; Jackson, William H. 312
Design and cloning of an anti HIV-1 Rev hammerhead ribozyme. Patel, Jaina; Jackson, William H. 287
Design and cloning of hammerhead ribozymes targeted to NL43 HIV-1 Vif MRNA. Anderson, Katherine L.; Jackson, William H. 274
Determinants of healthy body weight in low-income women. Schelble, Melissa Heath; Bessinger, Carlton; Wolman, Patricia; Goodner, Christine; Brooks, Gary 430
Determining the susceptibility and resistance changes of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus using trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, clindamycin, and erythromycin. Morriss, Danielle 163
Development of a Hall-sensor based magnetometer. Buchanan, Eric 237
Devices used to vitrify mammalian embryos. Kao, Elaine; Higdon, H. Lee, III; Graves-Herring, Jennifer E.; Boone, William R. 308
Differences in monitored natural attenuation of trichloroethylene for plumes in adjacent watersheds at Savannah River Site. Williams, J.B.; Williams, L.; Moses, T.; Belton, Lewann; Baladi, Sadika; Mills, Gary 337
Dihydronaphthisoxazoles and tetrahydronaphthisoxazoles: multiple anion synthesis and characterization. Vella, Jarrett H.; Grant, Bonnie J.; Sober, Carolyn L.; Meierhoefer, Michelle A.; Metz, Clyde R.; Be Brief article 239
Directed target ablation for beamed energy propulsion. Rosenberg, Benjamin A. Brief article 200
Disruption of connexin43 and ZO-1 interaction alters the size and distribution of gap junctions. Zhu, Ching Brief article 275
Do female striped ground crickets exhibit mate choice in the laboratory? Casper, Sarah 228
Do low-quality embryos alter pregnancy rate in an assisted reproductive technology (art) program? Kaltenbach, Lisa; Senter, Herman F.; Higdon, H. Lee, III; Boone, William R. 307
Does the price of a golfball correlate with the coefficient of restitution? Weidner, Christopher C. 302
Does the visual system contribute to circadian entrainment in Drosophila melanogaster? Fuller, Rachel; Myer-Bernstein, Elizabeth 227
Does time from insemination until zygotes are cryopreserved affect frozen embryo transfer pregnancy rate? Higdon, H. Lee, III; Johnson, Jane E.; Graves, Jennifer E.; Boone, William R.; Teitloff, Timothy C. 322
Doppler-free laser spectroscopy. Ghere, Michelle R.; Smith, R. Seth 118
Effect of mechanical stretch on cardiac fibroblast proliferation. Liu, Jialiu Brief article 195
Effect of the amount of wax present on floss on the amount of bacteria extracted from teeth. Walker, Merril E. Brief article 193
Effects of air pollutants of rates of RNA synthesis in germinating vegetable seed species. Davis, Judy; Hamilton, Lonna 240
Effects of air pollutants on the amount of DNA synthesis in germinating vegetable seed species. Pearson-McKnight, April 204
Effects of air pollutants on the percent protein of vegetable seed species. Cockfield, Shamika 213
Effects of estradiol 17-beta and tamoxifen on MCF-7 human breast cancer cells. Jenkins, Latoya; Raychoudhury, Samir 204
Effects of phosphate and microbial amendments on lead (Pb) contaminated soil. Wilson, Christina; Smith, Garriet; Brigmon, Robin Brief article 233
Effects of pollutant gases on the DNA of crop seedlings. Serrette, Isha 211
Effects of the extracellular matrix on the response of heart fibroblasts to insulin-like growth factor-1. Rogan, Elizabeth 213
Energy output from an underwater windmill as a function of the number of propellers present. Cole, Ted W. Brief article 183
Engineering solutions for supersonic air travel. Fountain, Michael 169
Environmental factors promoting induced pophyria diseases. Nesbitt, Joelyn N.; Schlautman, Mark A.; Carraway, Elizabeth R.; Lee, Ji H. 265
Evidence suggesting the neurotransmitter glutamate acts at selective receptor subtypes to elicit feeding during sensory specific satiety, an animal model of overeating. Henry, J.M.; Davis, G.R.; Hettes, S.R. 332
Expression of extracellular matrix receptors in 3-dimensional collagen gels. Ebner, Daniel K. 198
Extended time in vitrification solution still yields live births. Graves-Herring, Jennifer E.; Higdon, H. Lee; Boone, William R. Brief article 344
Extent of neuronal damage to rat hippocampus after pre- and postnatal alcohol exposure. Soltz, Gal 215
Extraction and identification of glucosinolates from Brassicaceae cover crops used in a bell pepper producion system. Taylor, Cameron 235
Fluorescence detection of Ni(II) and investigation of Ni(II)-catalase binding. Daniel, Shakena; Lammi, Robin K. 201
Functional characterization of the nicotianamine synthase (NAS) gene family in Arabidopsis thaliana. Barwick, Jennifer; Connolly, Erin; Krueger, Judy 321
GABA mechanisms in audiogenic seizures studied using herpes virus and lentivirus mediated gene transfer. Epps, S. Alisha; Picton, Amber J.; Venable, Donna E.; Coleman, James R.; Ross, Karen C. 312
Gamecock: a multi-channel detector calibration package. Zhao, Zhiwen; Langheinrich, Jorn H.; Gothe, Ralf W. Brief article 163
Genetic and epigenetic control of blood formation in deer mice (Peromyscus sp). Holland, M.V.P.; Weston, J.L.; Dewey, M.J. 202
GIS dynamic population model tool for Savannah River Site emergency response GIS dynamic population model tool for Savannah River Site emergency response. Jones, Dwight 141
Governor's award recipients. 328
GPU programmable simulation of arbitrary visual fields. Gibson, Scott Brief article 190
Group phosphorus education lessons for hemodialysis patients improve knowledge but not serum phosphorus levels. Stevens, C.E.; Bessinger, R.C.; Brooks, G. 379
Hollow tubular metal-organic frameworks: synthesis, characterization, and thermal properties. Hipp, Rachael E.; Goforth, Andrea M.; Tershansy, Meredith A.; Smith, Mark D.; Su, Cheng-Yong; zur Lo 132
How do flies fly? Does projectin function as an elastic band? Larkins, Christy; Ayme-Southgate, Agnes Brief article 225
Identification of differences between the three lycopersicon species by mtRAPD. Griffin, Matthew J.; Dimaculangan, Dwight D. Brief article 207
Immunity and bacterial endotoxin: adenosine and LPS effects on FCaRI, TLR2, and TLR4 in human macrophages. Vos, Seychelle M. 231
Implementation of a new algorithm for the min-max location problem. Zhang, Sebastian 136
Implementation of electromechanical database for dynamic underground stripping. Syms, Justin 301
In situ hybridization of the alkaline phosphatase gene of the echinoderm Strongelocentrotus purpuratus. Ford, Geoffrey 230
In vitro culture and antibacterial activity of Lantana. Camper, N.D.; Clark, Kimberly 208
Incubation period and development of botfly infestations in P. Gossypinus in S. Carolina. Pugh, Rahmaine; Reynolds, Justin; Fernandes, Pearl R. 300
Inductive and supressive regulation of TNF production in mouse macrophages with anthrax toxins. Floyd, Hannah 218
Interactions among genes affecting floral organ growth in Arabidopsis thaliana. Ridgeway, Rebecca 233
International Science & Engineering Grand Winner 2002 & 2003. 8340
Involvement of Eph receptor tyrosine kinases in integrin dependent branching morphogenesis of mammary epithelial cells. Corpening, Jennifer C.; Bill, Heather M.; Zutter, Mary M. 187
Isoflavone supplementation of selected postmenopausal women not taking hormone replacement therapy. Brightwell, Lauren; Wolman, Patricia Giblin; Morris, Richard L.; Stallings, Sarah F. 158
Journal of the South Carolina Academy of Science. 368
K meson simulations using the Jefferson lab computing farm. Paolone, Michael; Tedeschi, David; Korang-Beheshti, Yossef 100
KCBP interacts with the cytoskeleton and alters motility in elongating conifer pollen tubes. Marom, Eric Y.; Lazzaro, Mark D. 224
Lead analysis by atomic absorption spectrometry through an absorption tube with tungsten coil atomizer. Washington, Kevin; Calloway, Cliff Brief article 164
Local plants as potential sources of antifungal agents. Johnson, Marcus L.; Bellevue, F. 118
Localizations of stem cells and HuR in min mouse small intestine. Sood, Charu 208
Low level measurements of radioactive residuals as spin-offs from high energy and particle physics to the medicine and nutrition quality control service. Dzyubak, O.; Dzyubak, S. 282
Measuring solar signal in a radio telescope. Balding, David C. Brief article 247
Mechatronics and coding. Smith, Andrew 216
Medical applications of polarization techniques developed for nuclear and particle physics. Dzyubak, O.; Djalali, C.; Tedeschi, D. 295
Meeting schedule. Calendar 357
Microbial contamination of herbal products--feverfew. Camper, N.D.; Wright, B.L. 137
Microenvironmental effects: loading, stereoselectivity and reaction rates involving polymeric reagents. Blanton, James R. 192
Middle/Elementary School Academy of Science (MESAS). 2319
Miniaturized fractal embedded antennas for wireless handheld device application. Coleman, Reggie 114
Modeling and numerical analysis of the two-phase fluid flow through porous medium. Agrest, Mikhail M.; Ilina, Eugenia Brief article 326
Modeling earthquake fault interactions using IDL. Creech, Mark; Jaume, Steven; Mills, Laney 121
No superficial teratalogical effect of phthalic anhydride or diisobutyl phthalate. Gibson, Terrell Brief article 156
Nondestructive defect characterization and its applications in sic material and device development. Ma, Xianyun Brief article 165
Normalization of spot weld fatigue life. Nugent, Patrick 128
Nutraceutical intervention of the NF(kappa)B pathway to reduce adverse effects of inflammation. Cheung, Aaron 199
On the synthesis and characterization of a reduced neoproaporphine. Powers, Seana C.; Lovett, Angela G.; Kelly, Jennifer N.; Heldrich, Frederick J. Brief article 209
Pain and overuse injuries to the upper extremity in the adolescent female windmill fastpitch softball player. Ross, Ashley 243
Parallel rendering and visualization of CAEFF process models. Fulton, Jonathan Brief article 102
Past presidents. Brief article 308
Personal response systems and student learning. Pike, Lisa Brief article 169
Phylogeny of the mononegavirales and evolutionary divergence of the structural glycoprotein gene. Ledbetter, Kristen; Westover, Kristi M. 259
Plasmid construction for RNA interference mediated knockdown of nicotianamine synthase in arabidopsis. Barrouk, Emile; Wilson, Matt; Tokarev, Yulia; Krueger, Judy; Connolly, Erin 255
Preliminary petrographic analysis of quaternary organic sediments from Congaree National Park, South Carolina. Marenick, Jackie E.A. 237
Preliminary petrographic analysis of quaternary organic sediments from Congaree National Park, South Carolina. McArthur, John 237
Preparation and characterization of lithium manganese oxide based cathode materials for lithium ion batteries. Dash, Deon O.; Kullberg, Lennart 132
Preparation of calcium sulfate-based orthopedic cements with calcium phosphate additives. Han, Chris Brief article 196
President's report: David J. Stroup, President. 434
Proclamation 2004 Governor's Award for Excellence in Science Awareness. 296
Proclamation 2004 Governor's Award for Excellence in Scientific Research. 616
Produced accuracy of paintballs in relation to barrel porting patterns. Johnson, Isaac Brief article 218
Production of glycosidases and 1,4-[beta]-endoglucanase by pythium irregulare grown by flax shive fermentation. Bell, Charreau 217
Production, characterization and crystallization of the C8a MACPF domain of human complement protein C8. Slade, Daniel J.; Chiswell, Brian; Sodetz, James M. 292
Progress toward the synthesis of Bis--urea macrocycles. Jordan, Whitney 179
Randolph M. Brooks Dreher High School, Columbia, SC. Letter to the editor 115
Rare earth doped nanoparticles of PZT obtained by the microemulsion process. Saha, Ajoy K.; Ballato, John; Kolis, Joseph 122
Report of the National Association of Academies of Science (NAAS) Delegates. Safko, John L.; Jordan, Don Brief article 188
Report of the Secretary. 2409
Reported folate intake in women of child-bearing age in Chennai, India. Wolman, Patricia Giblin; Mukerjee, Kamalini; Silagyi-Rebovich, E. Jean; Goodner, Christine H. 251
Response of Castanea dentata to drought stress. Hong, Christina Brief article 123
Results of a lowcountry light pollution assessment conducted by public volunteers. Richards, Dana; Richardson, Terry R. Brief article 225
Russia's railroads: lessons from America--part 1 historical background. Whitehurst, Clinton H., Jr. 148
Salamander Green Rod/blue cone opsin promoter driven green fluorescent protein expression in transgenic xenopus. Parker, Ryan; Darden, Alix 296
SCAS president encourages membership. Stroup, David J. Letter to the editor 276
SCAS Treasurer's report for 1 July 2003 through 30 June 2004. 490
Seasonal effects on fish populations and distribution in a Coastal South Carolina River. Norell, Grant C. Brief article 230
Shaping the Web health message: measuring stages of change on the acquisition of knowledge. Sarow, Marilyn Brief article 248
Simulation and hardware-in-the-loop testing of a virtual prototype of a fuel cell powered robot. Zhang, Chuan 236
Simulations of the interactions of the sagittarius dwarf elliptical galaxy with the Milky Way. Messick, Ashley G.; Myers, Jeannette M.; The, Lih-Sin; Hartmann, Dieter H. Brief article 179
Soapbox Derby 2004 Stock Division. 595
Software development for a gamma-ray burst rapid-response observatory in the US Virgin Islands. Davis, Kwayera; Giblin, Timothy 197
Solvothermal synthesis, structrual determination, and thermochromic behavior of several new mixed-metal Bismuth halide compounds. Tershansy, Meredith A.; Goforth, Andrea M.; Hipp, Rachael E.; Smith, Mark D.; zur Loye, Hans-Conrad; Brief article 81
Solvothermal synthesis, structure determination, and physical properties of several novel mixed metal halobismuthate materials. Goforth, Andrea M.; Hipp, Rachael E.; Tershansy, Meredith A.; Smith, Mark D.; zur Loye, Hans-Conrad; Brief article 153
South Carolina Academy of Science Legislative Funds Report 2004. Jordan, Don 352
South Carolina Academy of Science members. 6651
South Carolina Academy of Science Teachers of the Year. Awards list 256
South Carolina Junior Academy of Science 2004 Activities Report. Brief article 118
South Carolina Science & Engineering Fairs 2004. 985
Spectroscopic characterization of a periplasmic heme-binding protein (shut) from shigella dysenteriae: tyrosine is the proximal ligand to the heme. Eakanunkul, Suntara; Ghosh, Arundhati; Wilks, Angela; Sumithran, Suganya; Dawson, John H. Brief article 176
Sperm Protein SP22 in somatotropes and thyrotropes of the rat and hamster. Benoit, Allison; Blake, Charles; McCoy, George 360
Spiro(benzisothiazole dioxides--isoxazolines) and pyrazoleorthobenzenesulfonamides: multiple anion synthesis and characterization. Grant, Bonnie J.; Sober, Carolyn L.; Meierhoefer, Michelle A.; Vella, Jarrett H.; Metz, Clyde R.; Be Brief article 211
Structural analysis of human complement protein C8g: a member of the lipocalin family. Brannen, Charity; Chiswell, Brian; Lovelace, Leslie; Lebioda, Lukasz; Sodetz, James M. 237
Study of the interactions of the Drosophila projectin protein during development. Williams, Kristen; Ayme-Southgate, Agnes 192
Studying sediment cores in search for evidence of hurricanes (paleotempestology) at Moccasin pond, Bull's Island S.C. Tupper, Lee 242
Suppression of feeding by the glutamate receptor antagonist DAP-5 in the sensory specific satiety model of overeating in rats. Laser, K.S.; Saine, E.B.; Stinnett, T.S.; Yanke, A.B.; Hettes, S.R. 341
Suppression of overeating by the endogenous opiate antagonist, naloxone. Henry, J.; Skinner, C.; Wojoski, P.; Yanke, A.; Hettes, S.; Davis, G.R. 337
Survey of odor/taste producing algae and cyanobacteria in lake Blalock and lake Bowen. Walker, Amanda; Turner, Jack Brief article 134
Survival of bacteria from African dust. Toole, Ashley; Nevius, Brian A.; McElroy, Christopher; Wilson, Christina; Smith, Garriet W.; Gil, Di Brief article 203
Synthesis and characterization of titanium-zirconium mixed oxides for use as porous supports for hydrogen storage materials. Maier, Maribeth Brief article 209
Synthesis of orthopedic cement by the addition of anhydrous calcium hydrogen phosphate to calcium sulfate hemihydrate. Swiantek, Jennifer Brief article 104
Temporal and spatial localization of mitochondrial DNA in the Blue Mussel Mytilus edulls embryo using fluorescence in situ hybridization techniques. Bivona, Santino 244
Test system for determining goldfish growth rate. Dickerson, Carrie L. Brief article 174
Testing stiffness and yield strength of clavicular fracture fixation devices. Bowers, Lauren Brief article 146
The analysis of Propionibacterium jensenii b1264 variants for increased production of the anti-acne bacteriocin jenseniin P. Hutson, R. Bryant 238
The conformational equilibria of n-propyltrichlorogermane and n-propyltrifluorogermaine. Witowski, Witold; Glab, Agnieszka A.; Guirgis, Gamil A.; Stidham, Howard D. Brief article 166
The conformational studies, Raman and infrared spectra and ab initio calculations of ethyl methyl dichlorogermane. Greenstein, Joel P.; Witowski, Witold; Guirgis, Gamil A.; Klaboe, Peter; Nielsen, Claus J. Brief article 156
The correlation between foreign language aptitude and grade point average. Drake, Asa L. Brief article 115
The ecology of freshwater turtles in Dargans' Pond, South Carolina. Cloninger, Patrick; King, Peter; Frederick, James Brief article 94
The effect of an urban heat island on coastal sea breeze. Kent, Tim; Mills, Laney Brief article 161
The effect of appearance and aroma on the palatability of cookies. Jardin, Sarah 222
The effect of epidermal pigmentation on the reflectance signal of a multilayered tissue phantom. Lee, Jennifer P. 193
The effect of past milk consumption on current bone mineral density. Corder, Marianne; Bessinger, Carlton; Silagyi-Rebovich, Jean 384
The effect of tea antioxidants on the light emissions of luminol and hydrogen peroxide solutions. Stavonor, Sabrina 174
The effect of the relative birth date in school year on occurrence of ADHD and ADD. Noh, Andrew W. 205
The effect of wasabi on staphylococcus aureus. Randle, Kayla D. 191
The effects of concentrations of nerve growth factor on axonal regeneration. Saja, Stephanie Brief article 216
The effects of different concentrations of Hoagland's Nutrient media on Gossypium Hirsutum. Ihekweazu, Joy Brief article 134
The effects of epidermal growth factor, transforming growth factor-& #945;, and follicle-stimulaing hormone on ovarian cancer in vitro. Zhang, Jeremy 192
The effects of fetal bovine serum on axonal growth. Gosnell, Casey Brief article 194
The effects of prior exposure and varying species on transformation rates of Utterbackia imbecillis. Raheja, Erica Brief article 226
The effects of various inhibitors on vascular endothelial growth factor and peroxynitrite in retina endothelial cells. Clare, Jeremy 181
The efficacy of hand washing and sanitizers on microbial contamination. Courtenay, Monique 124
The Governor's Awards for Excellence in Science. 371
The impact of weekly almond consumption on blood sugar. Ikerd, Melissa M. 176
The involvement of ZAT7 and ZAT8 in salt stress responses in Arabidopsis thaliana. Outen, Virginia Lauren 203
The more energy efficient fuel: e85 ethanol or gasoline, in a small internal-combustion engine. Hann, Heather M. 220
The non-covalent immobilization of glucose oxidase through random molecular imprinting onto poly (glycidyl methacrylate). Bruder, Brittany Brief article 237
The role of gill podocytes in the recognition of non-self in the crayfish, procambarus clarkII. Imlay, Michelle; McCumber, Larry J.; Stroup, David J.; Shannon, Tim Brief article 153
The spatial ecology of the red-bellied water snake. Razick, James Brief article 237
The synthesis and characterization of the new ligand 3-carboxylate-4,4-bypyridyl and its complexes. Chen, Chun-Long; Goforth, Andrea M.; Smith, Mark D.; zur Loye, Hans-Conrad; Peterson, LeRoy, Jr. Brief article 151
The vascular flora of Delaware water gap national recreation area, New Jersey/Pennsylvania. Stalter, Richard; Pinkhasova, Margarita; Shallalah, Saadia; Ahlawart, Shashi; Jung, Anna; Montemoran Brief article 145
Time-temperature profiles of home-delivered meals. Taylor, Courtney Brief article 205
Topical sessions. Calendar 4463
Toxicity, microbial contamination, and anti-tumor activities of alnus rubra (red alder), a medicinal plant. Collins, Chris 92
Trypsin expression and localization in embryonic avian spinal cord and hindlimb muscle. Porter, Paige 239
Two block size PBDs with a maximum number of triples. King, Matthew Brief article 120
Undergraduate research awards committee. Camper, N. Dwight 461
Understanding photosynthesis: an undergraduate laboratory on the extraction, separation, and optical spectroscopy of pigments from spinach leaves. Lammi, Robin K.; Goodwin, Joseph 130
Vitamin and mineral supplementation and status in college tennis players. DeMars, Colleen; Bessinger, Carlton 438
Why is the sky blue? An undergraduate laser light-scattering experiement. Dukes, Kyle; Lammi, Robin K. 115

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