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Articles from Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (March 1, 2017)

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(More) Remedial reading: three Remarkable books, and a call to action. Book review 1442
17th Annual AMS Student Conference, 6-7 January 2018, Austin, Texas. Conference news 355
2017 awards committees. 309
2018 AMS Annual Meeting Call for Papers 7-11 January 2018, Austin, Texas. 272
20th Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry, 7-11 January 2018, Austin, Texas. Conference news 124
22nd Conference on Satellite Meteorology, Oceanography, and Climatology, 14th Symposium on New Generation Operational Environmental Satellite Systems, and sixth AMS Symposium on the Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation (JCSDA), 7-11 January 2018, Austin, Texas. 670
25th Conference on Probability and Statistics, 7-11 January 2018, Austin, Texas. Conference news 182
32nd Conference on Hydrology, 7-11 January 2018, Austin, Texas. Conference news 299
45 Beacon: Washington Forum to explore working with the new administration. Seitter, Keith L. Conference news 551
About our members. 339
Advances in climate analysis and monitoring: reflections on 40 years of climate diagnostics and prediction workshops. Ropelewski, C.F.; Arkin, P.A. 5439
AMS 2017 Washington forum, 1-4 May 2017, Washington D.C. 128
AMS abroad. Interview 717
Antarctic glacier internal fracturing could accelerate weakening. 524
Application of the NMME in the development of a new regional seasonal climate forecast tool. Bounger, Rebecca A.; Gronewold, Andrew D.; Kompoltowicz, Keith; Fry, Lauren M. Report 5772
Calendar of meetings. Calendar 2182
Ceres S'COOL Project update: the evolution and value of a long-running education project with a foundation in NASA earth science missions. Chambers, Lin H.; McKeown, Megan A.; McCrea, Sarah A.; Martin, Ann M.; Rogerson, Tina M.; Bedka, Kri Report 5569
Corporation and institutional members: membership in the American Meteorological Society does not imply AMS endorsement of an organization's products or services. 637
Echoes. Brief article 143
Eyewitness: evolution of the atmospheric sciences. Fleagle, Robert G. Book review 328
Forecasting Atmospheric Rivers during CalWater 2015. Cordeira, Jason M.; Ralph, F. Martin; Martin, Andrew; Gaggini, Natalie; Spackman, J. Ryan; Neiman, P Report 5567
Frederick P. Ostby: 1930-2016. Edwards, Roger; Weiss, Steven J. Obituary 668
Global precipitation measurement mission products and services at the NASA GES DISC. Liu, Z.; Ostrenga, D.; Vollmer, B.; Deshong, B.; Macritchie, K.; Greene, M.; Kempler, S. 3819
Introducing and preparing students for private-sector roles through mentorship. Ventrice, Michael J.; Alston, William C. 892
Letter from the editor: the well-tempered model. Rosenfield, Jeff Editorial 496
Looking at snow to help forecast seasonal climate. 279
Ninth Conference on Weather, Climate, and the New Energy Economy, 7-11 January 2018, Austin, Texas. Conference news 434
Operational hazard assessment of waves and storm surges from tropical cyclones in Mexico. Appendini, Christian M.; Rosengaus, Michel; Meza-Padilla, Rafael; Camacho-Magana, Victor 7806
Rainbows, halos, coronas and glories: beautiful sources of information. Konnen, Gunther P. Report 5424
Real-time flood forecasting and information system for the State of Iowa. Krajewski, Witold F.; Ceynar, Daniel; Demir, Ibrahim; Goska, Radoslaw; Kruger, Anton; Langel, Carmen 8443
Sixth Symposium on Building a Weather-Ready Nation: Enhancing our Nation's Readiness, Responsiveness, and Resilience to High Impact Weather Events, 7-11 January 2018, Austin, Texas. 137
Sixth Symposium on the Madden-Julian Oscillation and Sub-Seasonal Monsoon Variability, 7-11 January 2018, Austin, Texas. 176
Soot particles' atmospheric influence may exacerbate pollution. 375
Stochastic parameterization: toward a new view of weather and climate models. Berner, Judith; Achatz, Ulrich; Batte, Lauriane; Bengtsson, Lisa; de la CAmara, Alvaro; Christensen, 13994
Study finds surprising change in Indian Ocean current. Brief article 259
The Abisko Polar Prediction School. Day, Jonathan J.; Svensson, Gunilla; Brooks, Ian M.; Bitz, Cecilia; Broman, Lina; Carver, Glenn; Che 1175
The art and science of climate model tuning. Hourdin, Frederic; Mauritsen, Thorsten; Gettelman, Andrew; Golaz, Jean-Christophe; Balaji, Venkatram Report 10423
The life cycles of extratropical cyclones. Shapiro, Melvyn A.; Gronas, Sigbjorn Book review 167
The Tropical Air-Sea Propagation Study (TAPS). Kulessa, A.S.; Barrios, A.; Claverie, J.; Garrett, S.; Haack, T.; Hacker, J.M.; Hansen, H.J.; Horgan Report 12025
The uncertainty shuffle. Higgins, Paul Column 945
Will global warming make hurricane forecasting more difficult? Emanuel, Kerry Report 4206

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