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Articles from Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (June 1, 2017)

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A containerized mesoscale model and analysis toolkit to accelerate classroom learning, collaborative research, and uncertainty quantification: software containers can revolutionize research and education with numerical weather prediction models by easing use and guaranteeing reproducibility. Hacker, Joshua P.; Exby, John; Gill, David; Jimenez, Ivo; Maltzahn, Carlos; See, Timothy; Mullendore Report 6331
A new theory for western boundary sea level. Minobe, Shoshiro; Terada, Mio; Qui, Bo; Schneider, Niklas 644
AMS meetings. Calendar 1857
AMS statements and best practices: resources for the community. Seitter, Keith L. 500
Caitlin Garrison: office manager. Thomas-Medwid, Rachel S. Biography 528
Challenges and opportunities in a new political era. Higgins, Paul 1178
Defining a new normal for extremes in a warming world. Lewis, Sophie C.; King, Andrew D.; Perkins-Kirkpatrick, Sarah E. Report 6663
Determining hurricane size identifies risks and better prepares the public. Mason, Athena 622
Earth system science frontiers: an early career perspective: we, the Young Earth System Scientists community, describe our long-term vision for developing a holistic understanding of the Earth system. Rauser, Florian; Alqadi, Mohammad; Arowolo, Steve; Baker, Noel; Bedard, Joel; Behrens, Erik; Dogulu, Essay 6368
Earth's rotation submerges Antarctic glacier water. 389
Echoes. Hencken, Randolph Brief article 231
Edwin Kessler, III: 1928-2017. Bluestein, Howard B.; Kessler, Austin R.; Kimpel, James F.; Zrnic, Dusan Obituary 1567
Explaining air conditions within a tornado. 349
Flash floods: the role of science, forecasting, and communications in reducing loss of life and economic disruptions. 2145
How to make local context matter in national climate adaptation. Westskog, Hege; Hovelsrud, G.K.; Sundqvist, G. 511
LALINET: the first Latin American-born regional atmospheric observational network: a Latin American community of scientists engaged in atmospheric research using lidar has created a regional lidar network. Antuna-Marrero, Juan Carlos; Landulfo, Eduardo; Estevan, Rene; Barja, Boris; Robock, Alan; Wolfram, Report 12171
Landsat IDs tornado damage, and damage recovery in forests is evaluated. Kingfield, Darrel M.; de Beurs, K.M. 531
Letter from the editor: containers. Rosenfeld, Jeff Editorial 512
Mapping rainfall feedback to reveal the potential sensitivity of precipitation to biological aerosols. Morris, Cindy E.; Soubeyrand, Samuel; Bigg, E. Keith; Creamean, Jessie M.; Sands, David C. Report 5814
Matt Parker: 1963-2017. Johnson, Veronica Obituary 1173
Meetings of interest. Calendar 225
Most Americans want to learn more about climate change. Perkins, David; Maibach, Ed; Gardiner, Ned; Witte, Joe; Ward, Bud; Placky, Bernadette Woods; Seitter 2811
NASA's remotely sensed precipitation: a reservoir for applications users: NASA's precipitation measurement missions provide critical precipitation information to end users that improves understanding of Earth's water cycle and enhances decision-making at local to global scales. Kirschbaum, Dalia B.; Huffman, George J.; Adler, Robert F.; Braun, Scott; Garrett, Kevin; Jones, Eri 9430
Ocean circulation changes linked to C[O.sub.2] absorption. 430
On the physics of three integrated assessment models. Calel, Raphael; Stainforth, David A. 12362
On the seasonality of Arctic black carbon. Shen, Zhaoyi; Ming, Y.; Horowitz, L.W.; Ramaswamy, V.; Lin, M. 476
PDRMIP: a Precipitation Driver and Response Model Intercomparison Project--protocol and preliminary results: PDRMIP investigates the role of various drivers of climate change for mean and extreme precipitation changes based on multiple climate model output and energy budget analyses. Myhre, G.; Forster, P.M.; Samset, B.H.; Hodnebrog, O.; Sillmann, J.; Aalbergsjo, S.G.; Andrews, T.; 8668
Photography and the science of snowflakes and raindrops. Nathan, Terrence R. 555
Progress on climate change? Good news ... and bad. Excerpt 1388
RadarNet-Sur first weather radar network in tropical high mountains: a cost-effective X-band weather radar network was installed in the high Andes of southern Ecuador to complement an existing sparse rain gauge network in areas frequently affected by El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) precipitation hazards. Bendix, Jorg; Fries, Andreas; Zarate, Jorge; Trachte, Katja; Rollenbeck, Rutger; Pucha-Cofrep, Franz Report 10129
Rock Knabb. 128
Sensitivity of vertical vorticity growth to heat sink location in simulated supercell-like storms. Markowski, Paul; Richardson, Yvette 502
Stan Ruttenberg: 1926-2017. Ruttenberg, Rebecca; Clark, David; Minster, J. Bernard Obituary 496
Study examines dynamics that drive glacial-interglacial cycles. Report 808
The ScaleX campaign: scale-crossing land surface and boundary layer processes in the TERENO-preAlpine observatory: augmenting long-term ecosystem-atmosphere observations with multidisciplinary intensive campaigns aims to close gaps in spatial and temporal scales of observation for energy and biogeochemical cycling and stimulate collaborative research. Wolf, B.; Chwala, C.; Fersch, B.; Garvelmann, J.; Junkermann, W.; Zeeman, M.J.; Angerer, A.; Adler, Report 11011
Timing of tropical rainfall driven by upper atmosphere. Brief article 256
WMO world record lightning extremes: longest reported flash distance and longest reported flash duration: a WMO committee has judged that the world's longest reported distance (321 km) for a single lightning flash occurred over Oklahoma in 2007, while the world's longest reported duration (7.74 s) for a single lightning flash occurred over southern France in 2012. Lang, Timothy J.; Pedeboy, Stephane; Rison, William; Cerveny, Randall S.; Montanya, Joan; Chauzy, Se 9952

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