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Articles from Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (September 1, 2014)

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"This is really happening. There's nothing to stop it now.". Wagner, Thomas P. Brief article 221
"This is unique in my experience.". Crowther, Matt Brief article 237
10 questions with James Castillo: Meteorologist, KTLA, Los Angeles, California. Interview 652
2014 AMS freshman undergraduate scholarship recipients. 3060
2014 AMS graduate fellowship recipients. 3231
2014 AMS minority scholarship recipients. 618
2014 AMS Named undergraduate scholarship recipients. 3669
A good sign for cleaner air. 215
Awareness of both type 1 and 2 errors in climate science and assessment: climate science and assessment sometimes focus too strongly on avoiding false-positive errors, when false-negative errors may be just as important. Anderegg, William R.L.; Callaway, Elizabeth S.; Boykoff, Maxwell T.; Yohe, Gary; Root, Terry L. Report 4600
Calendar of meetings. Calendar 1601
Changing how earth system modeling is done to provide more useful information for decision making, science, and society: a new mode of development for Earth system models is needed to enable better targeted and more Informative projections for both decision makers and scientists. Smith, Matthew J.; Palmer, Paul I.; Purves, Drew W.; Vanderwel, Mark C.; Lyutsarev, Vassily; Calderh 8250
Corporation and institutional members. List 656
Crowdsourcing storm effects on coastlines. 272
Enhancing climate resilience at NASA centers: a collaboration between science and stewardship: NASA has developed a partnership between its Earth scientists and its institutional stewards to prepare for a changing climate and growing climate-related vulnerabilities. Rosenzweig, Cynthia; Horton, Radley M.; Bader, Daniel A.; Brown, Molly E.; DeYoung, Russel; Domingue 7200
ERA-CLIM: historical surface and upper-air data for future reanalyses: newly digitized surface and upper-air data are useful to analyze climate and weather events in the first half of the twentieth century and may help to improve future reanalyses. Stickler, A.; Bronnimann, S.; Valente, M.A.; Bethke, J.; Sterin, A.; Jourdain, S.; Roucaute, E.; Vas 6162
Explaining extreme events of 2013 from a climate perspective. Herring, Stephanie C.; Hoerling, Martin P.; Peterson, Thomas C.; Stott, Peter A. 16588
Explaining extreme events of 2013 from a climate perspective. Herring, Stephanie C.; Hoerling, Martin P.; Peterson, Thomas C.; Stott, Peter A. 17590
Explaining extreme events of 2013 from a climate perspective. Herring, Stephanie C.; Hoerling, Martin P.; Peterson, Thomas C.; Stott, Peter A. 18527
Fellowship and scholarship sponsors. List 235
Impact of typhoons on the ocean in the Pacific: the interactions between typhoons and the ocean vary greatly depending on the properties of the storm and of the ocean. D'Asaro, E.A.; Black, P.G.; Centurioni, L.R.; Chang, Y.-T.; Chen, S.S.; Foster, R.C.; Graber, H.C.; 7108
ITCZ most sensitive to out-of-tropics thermal forcing. 440
Letter from the editor: citizen Sudoku. Rosenfeld, Jeff 513
Local factors impact decomposition more than climate. 462
More complete rainfall information for climate monitoring. 379
MPING: crowd-sourcing weather reports for research: an app for smartphones allows citizen scientists to provide observations about winter precipitation type at the surface at least equivalent in quality to human-augmented Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) observations. Elmore, Kimberly L.; Flamig, Z.L.; Lakshmanan, V.; Kaney, B.T.; Farmer, V.; Reeves, Heather D.; Roth 3969
NASA. Brief article 198
New directions for the AMS symposium on education. Charlevoix, Donna J.; Pandya, Rajul; Bridger, Alison; Gill, Thomas E.; Hampton, Elaine; Herman, Redi 1539
New thermometer sets standard for accuracy. Brief article 285
North Atlantic tropical cyclones and U.S. flooding: North Atlantic tropical cyclones are responsible for major flooding over large areas of the continental United States. Villarini, Gabriele; Goska, Radoslaw; Smith, James A.; Vecchi, Gabriel A. 4423
Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment. 347
Principles for weather and climate legislation. Higgins, Paul 908
Professional directory. Directory 1708
Radar and atmospheric science: a collection of essays in honor of David Atlas. Wakimoto, Roger M.; Srivastava, Ramesh Book review 169
Remotely sensed C[O.sub.2] emissions show promise for satellite measurements. 279
Satellite observations for CMIP5: the genesis of Obs4MIPs. Teixeira, Joao; Waliser, Duane; Ferraro, Robert; Gleckler, Peter; Lee, Tsengdar; Potter, Gerald 2815
Solar cooking in the Sahel. Newton, Beth; Cowie, Sophie; Rijks, Derk; Banks, Jamie; Brindley, Helen; Marsham, John H. 2075
Surface pressure observations from smartphones: a potential revolution for high-resolution weather prediction? Pressure observations from smartphones have the potential to provide millions of observations per hour that could revolutionize high-resolution weather prediction. Mass, Clifford F.; Madaus, Luke E. 3474
The CHUVA project: how does convection vary across Brazil? CHUVA reveals very diverse cloud processes in tropical continental regions and contributes to improving satellite precipitation estimation, nowcasting, cloud-resolving models, and the understanding of cloud electrification. Machado, Luiz A.T.; Dias, Maria A.F. Silva; Morales, Carlos; Fisch, Gilberto; Vila, Daniel; Albrecht 9765
The concept of essential climate variables in support of climate research, applications, and policy: described is the concept of Essential Climate Variables developed under the Global Climate Observing System for a range of applications, as well as to provide an empirical basis for understanding past, current, and possible future climate variability and change. Bojinski, Stephan; Verstraete, Michel; Peterson, Thomas C.; Richter, Carolin; Simmons, Adrian; Zemp, 8410
The dynamics of hurricane risk perception: real-time evidence from the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season: surveys of coastal residents conducted in 2012 as hurricanes were approaching reveal widespread misunderstanding of the extent and nature of threats posed by tropical cyclones. Meyer, Robert J.; Baker, Jay; Broad, Kenneth; Czajkowski, Jeff; Orlove, Ben 10209
The questions kids ask--are you up to the challenge? Seitter, Keith L. 529
The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) College of Science. 280

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