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Articles from Bulletin (Southern California Academy of Sciences) (August 1, 2002)

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A comparison of the vocalizations of two species of flying foxes in the Samoan archipelago. (Abstracts). K., Eiler; Newmark, J.; Drummond, B.; Stewart, C.; Banack, S. Brief Article 263
A half century of physical and biological oceanography in the Southern California Bight with emphasis on fish species, temperature and zooplankton. (Abstracts). Smith, P.E.; Moser, H.G. Brief Article 208
A historical view of marine sediment contamination surveys in Southern California from 1977 to 1998. (Abstracts). Gossett, Richard Brief Article 81
A review of the kelp beds of Orange and San Diego Counties and their response to El Ninos and La Ninas from 1967 to 2001. (Abstracts). Curtis, M.D.; North, W.J. Brief Article 559
Acanthochondria sp. A, a new species of parasitic copepod (Poecilos-Tomatoida: Chondracanthidae) on the California halibut, Paralichthys californicus, from Santa Monica Bay, California. (Abstracts). Kalman, Julianne Brief Article 147
An evaluation of the distribution and abundance of Common Ravens at Joshua Tree National Park. Boarman, William I.; Coe, Sharon J. Statistical Data Included 6845
Analysis of aerial photographs to determine the effects of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant thermal discharge on kelp canopies. (Abstracts). Kimura, Scott; Strampe, James Brief Article 253
Are Southern California's changing coastal waters and nearshore biological communities becoming more susceptible to invasion by exotic sea weeds? (Abstracts). Murray, S.N. 247
Assessment of demersal fish and invertebrate assemblages on the Southern California shelf in 1998. (Abstracts). Allen, M.J.; Groce, A.K.; Diener, D.; Raco-Rands, V.; Thomas, Christina; Ralph, Yvette Brief Article 282
Assessment of the health of kelp habitats along the north coast of Santa Monica Bay. (Abstracts). Reed, B.; Fong, P.; Smith, J.R. Abstract 288
Atmospheric deposition of trace metals to Santa Monica Bay. (Abstracts). Schiff, K.; Tiefenthaler, L.; Stolzenbach, K.; Lu, R.; Turco, R.; Friedlander, S. Brief Article 237
Autotomy: novel protection from mercury toxicity in aquatic oligochaete worms. (Abstracts). Vidal, Doris Brief Article 146
Avian populations in diminishing open space: a survey of the birds of Signal Hill, CA. (Abstracts). Short, V. Anne Brief Article 230
Behavioral responses of scalloped hammerhead sharks, Sphyrna lewini, and leopard sharks, Triakis semifasciata, to pulsed, direct current electrical fields. (Abstracts). Marcotte, M.M. Brief Article 217
Broca's area's critical role in imitation. (Abstracts). Marcus, Jake Brief Article 218
Characteristics, formation mechanisms and chemical composition of ultrafine particles in various locations of the Los Angeles Basin. (Abstracts). Sioutas, Constantinos; Shen, Si; Geller, Michael D.; Misra, Chandan; Kim, Seongheon Brief Article 236
Comparison of feeding guild structures of intertidal fishes from California and Chile: a measure of community convergence. (Abstracts). Boyle, K.S.; Horn, M.H. Brief Article 202
Conservation of the endangered Southern California Steelhead in the Ventura River: an update on the proposed removal of Matilija Dam. (Abstracts). Drill, Sabrina L. Abstract 245
Copper tolerance and remediation potential of Salix lasiolepis: a native California willow. (Abstracts). Vadheim, C.M.; Williams, K.; Roberts, J. Abstract 320
Correlation dynamics in acircut molecules@ with chaotic links. (Abstracts). Manasson, J.; Manasson, V.A. Brief Article 125
Declines in rocky reef fish populations: have different species responded similarly to environmental change? (Abstracts). Brooks, A.; Schmitt, R.; Holbrook, S. Brief Article 152
Diel movement patterns of the ocean sunfish, Mola mola: a preliminary report. (Abstracts). Cartamil, D.; Lowe, C. Brief Article 155
Digestive enzyme activity in herbivorous and carnivorous prickle-back fishes (Stichaeidae): ontogenetic and phylogenetic effects. (Abstracts). German, D.P.; Horn, M.H.; Gawlicka, A. Brief Article 203
Distribution of oxidative and glycolytic enzymes in electrocytes of phylogentically diverse species of fish. (Abstracts). Smetak, Edward, Jr.; Kageyama, Dr. Glenn Brief Article 136
Diversity-abundance relationships in benthic habitats of the Southern California Bight. (Abstracts). Mikel, T.; Montagne, D.E.; Velarde, R.G.; Cadien, D.B.; Ranasinghe, J.A.; Weisberg, S.B.; Smith, R.W Brief Article 319
DNA structure affects sodium bisulfite conversion of nucleotides. (Abstracts). Chen, D.M.; Hsieh, C.L. Brief Article 151
Effects of in-utero cocaine exposure on the developing brain. (Abstracts). Kulkarny, Amruta; Smith, Dr. Lynne Brief Article 202
Equal loads of nutrients administered to macroalgae via pulses of differing frequency and magnitude affect growth and tissue nutrients of Enteromorpha interstinalis and Ulva expansa. (Abstracts). Kamer, Krista; Kennison, Rachel L.; Fong, Peggy Brief Article 296
Examination of recruitment patterns in kelpbass, Paralabrax clathratus, by the analysis of mitochondrial DNA control region sequences. (Abstracts). Luzier, Christina W.; Wilson, Raymond R. Brief Article 196
Exotic aquatic turtles on the west coast: considerations and implications. (Abstracts). Jennings, Mark R.; Holland, Dan C.; Goodman, Robert H., Jr. Brief Article 214
Exotic fish species and their impacts on small coastal lagoons in Southern California. (Abstracts). Swift, Camm C.; Holland, Dan C. Brief Article 218
Feeding preferences and assimilation efficiencies in the herbivorous marine snail Lithopoma undosum (Turbinidae). (Abstracts). Cox, Erin; Murray, Steve Abstract 175
Field validation of chronic sublethal dredged material laboratory bioassays: program design. (Abstracts). Irwin, M.A.; Moore, D.W. Abstract 229
Fish species composition from the Seafood Market of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico (2000-2001). (Abstract). Hernandez-Hernandez; Jorge, Alejandra Y.; Rosales-Casian, A. Brief Article 264
Flower density effects on pollination of artichoke thistle (Cynara Cardunculus L. Asteraceae). (Abstracts). Clarke, L.; Banack, S. Abstract 178
Genetics of dauer larvae formation in Caenorhabditis briggsae. (Abstract). Phan, S.; Takao, I. Brief Article 156
Habitat associations of steelhead trout in a small stream near the Southern extent of their range. (Abstract). Spina, A.P. Brief Article 201
How important are nonindigenous species to the benthos of Southern California embayments? (Abstracts). Velarde, R.G. Brief Article 239
Identification of contaminated sediments in the So. Calif. Bight using a biomarker assay (RGS; EPA Method 4425). (Abstracts). Anderson, J.W.; Jones, J.M.; McCoy, D.; Zeng, E.; Noblet, J. Brief Article 258
In situ monitoring of gastric pH changes associated with feeding in leopard sharks. (Abstracts). Papastamatiou, Yannis P.; Lowe, Christopher G. Brief Article 211
Incidence of Salmonella in free ranging iguanid lizards of Southern California. (Abstracts). Burkhart, Jeffery; Fauntleroy, Ron; Spencer, Kelly Brief Article 202
Influences on the selection of science as a study and career. (Abstracts). Marin-Burkhart, Lisa Abstract 143
Interaction netween native fish, habitat, and exotic fish species in the middle Santa Ana River, Southern California. (Abstracts). Swift, Camm C. Brief Article 252
Internucleosomal DNA cleavage detected in Mk-801 induced rats but show no sign of caspase-3 activation in cell death. (Abstracts). Deniskin, R.; Fujikawa, D. Brief Article 301
Interpreting historical records of sizes of kelp beds. (Abstracts). North, W.J.; Keck, W.M. Brief Article 103
Invader in the open sea! The New Zealand marine snail Philine auriformis in Southern California coastal waters. (Abstracts). Cadien, D.B. Brief Article 162
Large scale oceanographic studies of the continental shelf of the Southern California Bight: the example of Bight 98 and future approaches. (Abstracts). Jones, Burton H. Brief Article 130
Long-term changes in fish populations in the vicinity of Diablo Canyon Power Plant, Central California. (Abstracts). Carroll, J.C.; Steinbeck, J.R. Brief Article 243
Longterm decline of ichthyoplankton abundance in Santa Monica Bay. (Abstracts). Pondella, D.J., II Brief Article 97
Management of the California Least Tern breeding population. (Abstracts). Keane, Kathy Abstract 211
Marine-the multi-agency rocky intertidal network. (Abstracts). Dunaway, M.E. Brief Article 253
Monitoring of nearshore marine habitats following beach replenishment activities. (Abstracts). Honma, L.; Rundle, R. Brief Article 176
Monitoring subtidal community changes at Survey Rock, Anacapa Island: forty years and still counting. (Abstracts). Engle, J.; Altstatt, J.; Ambrose, R.; Carroll, J.; Coyer, J.A. Brief Article 306
Morphological variation and patterns of reproduction and recruitment in lower intertidal populations of the kelp Egregia menziesii (Turner) areschoug. (Abstracts). K., Henkel; K., Sarah; N., Murray; N., Steven Brief Article 250
Mussel Mania: longterm contaminant trends in the Southern California Bight. (Abstracts). Mearns, A.J.; O'Connor, T.P.; Springs, Silver Brief Article 245
Neuroanatomic observations of the brain in Autism: neuroimaging studies using the technique of coregistration. (Abstracts). Chen, C.K. Brief Article 224
Northern Orange County fall 2001 weather summary. (Astracts). Hannes, G.P. Brief Article 161
Occurrence of Gyrodactylus perforatus (Monogenea) on its fish host Clevelandia IOS (Gobiidae) from Bodega Bay and Tomales Bay, California. (Abstracts). Walberg, M.P.; Diamant, E.; Wong, K. Abstract 105
Oil impact on growth of Salicornia virginia under controlled tidal conditions. (Abstracts). Chen, C.Y.; Portugal, D.D.; Zuniga, T.; Wijte, A.H.B.M. Brief Article 248
On the effect of light intensity on the electrical conductivity of filamentous fungi. (Abstracts). Craig, A.G. Brief Article 179
Ontogenetic responses to terrestrial diets in a neotropical fish: gut morphology and digestive enzyme activity in Brycon guatemalensis (Characidae). (Abstracts). Drewe, K.E.; Horn, M.H. Brief Article 161
Oxidation of substiuted phosphines with singlet oxygen: intra- vs. inter-molecular pathways. (Abstracts). Dong, Timothy; Selke, Dr. Matthias Brief Article 173
Pah exposure and DNA damage in flatfish from Southern California Bays and Harbors, and Channel Islands. (Abstracts). Brown, J.S.; Steinert, S.A. Brief Article 207
Parasite-mediated sexuel selection of Green Swordtails, Xiphophorus helleri. (Abstracts). Lavie, R.; Hogue, C. Abstract 250
Phylogeny and biogeography of the serannid fish genus Epinephelus. (Abstracts). Craig, M.T. Brief Article 129
Physiological responses to variations in salinity and nutrients by the bloom-forming macroalga Enteromorpha intestinalis: implications for use as a bioindicator of freshwater and nutrient influx to estuarine and coastal areas. (Abstracts). Cohen, R.A.; Fong, P. Brief Article 251
Polychaetous annelid assemblages associated with sediments near seven shallow wastewater outfalls along the Tijuana-Ensenada costal corridor in Northern Baja California, Mexico. (Abstracts). Rodriguez-Villanueva, V.; Martinez-Lara, R.; Macias-Zamora, V. Brief Article 308
Population systematics of the Carolina anole, Anolis carolinensis voigt (Iguanidae: Polychrotinae): geographic variation in morphology. (Abstracts). Chun, W.C.H.; Archie, J.W. Brief Article 231
Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles biological monitoring of San Pedro Bay. (Abstracts). Green, K. Brief Article 181
Post-restoration long-term monitoring for the Batiquitos Lagoon enhangement project. (Abstracts). Merkel, K.W.; Henderson, H.D.; Woodfield, R.A.; Carpenter, M. Brief Article 268
Probable laterite in the Paleocene Las Virgenes Sandstone, solstice canyon, Santa Monica Mountains, California. (Abstracts). Noriega, G.R.; Hernandez, H.O.; Ramirez, Dr. P. Abstract 194
Putative function of Tyrosine D of photosystem II probed by fluorescence and optical absorbance spectroscopy. (Abstracts). Jones, Jennifer H.; Debus, Richard J. Abstract 243
Reef-a volunteer fish monitoring program in California. (Abstracts). Pattengill-Semmens, C.V. Brief Article 173
Regime Shifts in California current zooplankton assemblages. (Abstracts). Ohman, M.D.; Lavaniegos, B.E. Brief Article 155
Regulation of protease expression in the carnivorous plant Nepenthes alata. (Abstracts). Bae, Jason Brief Article 189
Remote tracking of giant sea bass (Stereolepis Gigas) using an acoustic sensory array around Anacapa Island. (Abstracts). Domeier, Michael L. Abstract 181
Reproductive behavior and mating system of the temperate wrasse, Halichoeres semicinctus. (Abstracts). Adreani, M.S. Abstract 190
Retroviral-mediated transfer and expression of the neomycin and hygromycin B drug resistance genes. (Abstract). Li, Annie; Sung, Vicky; Lai, Dr. Michael Brief Article 229
Salt tolerance and remediation potential of Salix lasiolepis: a native California willow. (Abstracts). Ferrus-Garcia, A.; Vadheim, C.M.; Roberts, J. Brief Article 261
Sediment Toxicity in the Southern California Bight: 1998 regional monitoring. (Abstracts). Bay, S.M.; Armstrong, J.; Lapota, D.; Anderson, J.; Mikel, T. Brief Article 210
Sexual dichromatism and spawning behavior of the kelp bass, Paralabrax clathratus, from Santa Catalina Island, California. (Abstracts). Erisman, B.E. Abstract 243
Soft-bottom benthic invertebrate assemblages of the Southern California Bight. (Abstracts). Ranasinghe, J.A.; Montagne, D.E.; Cadien, D.B.; Velarde, R.G.; Mikel, T.K.; Smith, R.W.; Weisberg, S Brief Article 326
Soil microbial activity and mycorrhizal associations in a Southern Californian salt marsh. (Abstracts). Vandersande, Matthew W.; Ambrose, Dr. Richard F. Abstract 197
Structure and standing stock of the fish assemblages of San Diego Bay, California from 1994 to 1999. Allen, Larry G.; Findlay, Amy M.; Phalen, Carol M. Statistical Data Included 17656
Student award winners at 2002 Annual Meeting. 4531
The benthic community of San Diego Bay. (Abstracts). Nestler, E.C.; Pasko, D.; Stebbins, T.D. Abstract 243
The effect of light on the accumulation of the nuclear-encoded psbA binding proteins in vascular plants. (Abstracts). Singh, Monica; Mazon, Maya E.; Arce, Laura; Cohen, Amybeth Brief Article 215
The effects of endothelial polarity and alzheimer's disease on monocyte migration in the human brain. (Abstracts). Liang, Wei Brief Article 199
The effects of urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator (uPA) inhibition on cranial neural crest migration. (Abstracts). Marr, H.L.; Selleck, M.A.J. Brief Article 206
The importance of management of the native parasitic plant Cuscuta salina in Southern California salt marsh habitat. (Abstracts). Simokat, Christina Abstract 117
The marine invaders of California: lessons from San Francisco and San Diego. (Abstracts). Crooks, Jeffrey A. Brief Article 175
The nearshore fish assemblage of the San Diego/La Jolla Ecological Reserve. (Abstracts). M.T., Craig; Hastings, P.A.; Dayton, P.K. Brief Article 163
The spatial distribution of sediment contamination in the Southern California Bight. (Abstracts). Noblet, J.A.; Moore, S.L. Brief Article 194
The use of aquatic invertebrates to identify ecological trends in urban freshwater streams. (Abstracts). Isham, W.H. Brief Article 129
Trophic levels and heavy metal concentrations of Terns at two California nesting colonies. (Abstracts). Horn, M.H.; Mason, A.Z.; Smith, D.R.; Logothetis, E.A.; Collins, C.T. Brief Article 305
U.S. response to potential ecological threat to Southern California ecosystems by the introduced Marine Chlorophyte Caulerpa taxifolia. (Abstracts). Woodfield, R.A.; Merkel, K.W. Brief Article 253
Update on the San Clemente Artificial Reef program. (Abstracts). Grove, Robert; Schroeter, Steve; Reed, Dan; Anderson, Todd Brief Article 355
Urbanization of coastal waters B concocting hormonal chaos. (Abstracts). Patel, L.R.; Bay, S.M. Brief Article 235
What does it take to be a herbivore?-gut structure and function in three species of new world silverside fishes (Telostei: Atherinopsidae) with different Diets. (Abstracts). Horn, M.H.; Gawlicka, A.; Logothetis, E.A.; Jones, A.M.; Cavanagh, J.W.; German, D.P.; Freeman, C.T. Abstract 191
What is nonindigenous and is it all bad? (Abstracts). Baskin, J.N.; Haglund, T.R. Brief Article 164
Whence have they come, the abyssal grenadiers? (Abstracts). Wilson, Raymond R., Jr.; Attia, Phoebe Abstract 217

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