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Bullet Proof offers bullets & more.

Bullet Proof Samples offers bullets for reloaders--and frustration relief. Reloaders like to experiment, and now they can purchase Bullet Proof Samples' packages of 12 bullets, instead of an entire box, eliminating the stack of partially used boxes of leftover bullets--and an abundance of aggravation.


For dealers, since most reloaders want to see a bullet before they buy, Bullet Proof's transparent packaging eliminates torn bullet boxes that are often placed back on displays. Smart product idea.

Bullet Proof Samples is now being distributed throughout the U.S. through Crow Shooting Supply.

"Reloaders need variety. With a Bullet Proof display, retailers can offer a wider range than usual, so their reloading customers can try three or four sample packs for maybe around the same cost as a regular box of 100," said Steve Crow, company general manager.

Bullet Proof regularly adds bullets to its offerings, covering a variety of brands, calibers, styles and weights.

Crow Shooting Supply is offering a starter pack that comes with an excellent opening selection. For more information, visit and

Russ Thurnman
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Title Annotation:Industry watch
Comment:Bullet Proof offers bullets & more.(Industry watch)
Author:Thurman, Russ
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Jul 1, 2012
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