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Gay justice: while judge Sonia Sotomayor's nomination is a step forward for diversity, an openly gay supreme court member remains a long shot--unless President Obama bucks the trend. Aug 1, 2009 781
A maverick on gay marriage: former Massachusetts governor William Weld stands out in the Republican Party as a straight man arguing for same-sex marriage. Mar 2, 2004 592
A champion retires: after nearly nine years of putting a human face on gay rights, Elizabeth Birch leaves HRC. Jan 20, 2004 1038
Identity crisis: has the demise of the only national black gay advocacy organization in the United States created a troubling void or a promising frontier? Dec 9, 2003 867
What makes a mom: for six years, Mian Carvin was "Mama" to the daughter she and her partner brought into the world. When the couple split, Carvin was cut off. Is she still a mother? Interview Nov 25, 2003 913
Continuing Milk's legacy: a quarter century after gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk was murdered in San Francisco, fellow activist Tom Ammiano may be elected mayor. Interview Nov 11, 2003 643
Bush on AIDS: the appointment of the White House's newest AIDS officials could signal a renewed emphasis on fighting the disease at home. Nov 11, 2003 709
Governing 101: gay politicians are going back to school to learn how to be more effective public officials. Oct 28, 2003 950
Confused conservatives: the GOP can't seem to make up its mind about the proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, and that, in the end, might be what kills the idea. Oct 14, 2003 1081
Stop the press: with a landslide of pro-gay news, Dallas's daily newspaper is asking, "How much is too much?". Oct 14, 2003 774
Bob Barr on our side: a renowned adversary of the gay rights movement, Bob Barr is arguing against a federal constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Sep 16, 2003 612
Kerry's conundrum: pro-gay in just about every other way, Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry says he just won't support same-sex marriage. Sep 16, 2003 2509
Justice served: as the Supreme Court closed the door on sodomy laws, it may have opened a door for other causes--including gay marriage and the ensuing antigay backlash. (Courts). Aug 19, 2003 1201
Strange bedfellows: when it comes to politics and public opinion, it's OK if elected officials are gay--as long as no one has to think about their actually having sex. (Politics). Aug 19, 2003 1157
Saving the Baghdad Zoo: gay environmentalist Stephan Bognar from San Francisco spent two months dodging bullets in Iraq to care for zoo animals. Interview Jul 22, 2003 576
Mary and Mary: still contrary: the actions by Mary Cheney and former Dick Cheney adviser Mary Matalin suggest gay issues remain a hot potato in the GOP. (Politics). Jul 8, 2003 1220
Supreme opponent: on the eve of a major ruling on sodomy laws, the Supreme Court's top conservative, Antonin Scalia, takes no pains to hide his opposition to gay rights. (Court). Jul 8, 2003 992
Why it's still ok to be antigay: the White House's unqualified support for Sen. Rick Santorum after his antigay rant in April is just one more sign of what gay activists are up against in wooing the GOP. (Politics). Jun 10, 2003 1807
Brothers in arms: American soldiers fight side by side with openly gay British troops--punching holes in the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. May 13, 2003 803
The politics of promotion: Bush's latest candidate for three-star general faces strong opposition from gay activists--but some say the opposition has made him more sensitive to gay issues. Apr 29, 2003 1037
Follow the leaders: NGLTF loses its seventh executive director in 11 years: so what's going wrong in Washington? (Community). Apr 15, 2003 771
Mustn't--see TV? MSNBC takes a turn to the far right with its newest commentator, antigay talk-show host Michael Savage. (Media). Apr 15, 2003 1025
Pro-peace, pro-health care, pro-gay: Howard Dean is catching the country's attention by being everything he says President Bush is not. (Campaign 2004). Interview Apr 1, 2003 3388
An AIDS wake-up call: a documented case of female-to-female transmission raises a question: why are lesbians excluded from most HIV-prevention messages? (Health). Mar 18, 2003 651
Bush's shell game: are the president's bold steps against the global AIDS pandemic glossing over his antigay attempts to fight the disease here at home? (Health). Mar 18, 2003 326
Balance of justice: cultural advances, openly gay clerks, and speculation about the sexual orientation of one of their own have substantially changed the way the Supreme Court justices weigh civil rights. (Cover Story). Mar 4, 2003 2122
Memories of Nazi persecution. (History). Dec 24, 2002 191
Courting controversy: George Bush's latest judicial nominee supports the Boy Scouts' right to discriminate but opposes antigay sodomy laws--so what does that mean for us? (Election 2002 Aftershocks). Dec 10, 2002 1031
Change of guard: now that Trent Lott's Republicans are back in control, are gays and lesbians again going to be compared to kleptomaniacs? (Election 2002 Aftershocks). Dec 10, 2002 1549
Even in Israel: professor Uzi Even is the first openly gay member in Israel's parliament--but that's only his latest accomplishment. (Behind the Headlines). Nov 26, 2002 667
A new home for HRC: the eight-story building, once the target of a terrorist attack, will be Washington, D.C.'s most visible gay headquarters. (Community). Nov 12, 2002 515
Conscientious objectors: Yale University sparks a protest when it joins the growing list of schools that are letting military recruiters back on campus. (Behind the Headlines). Nov 12, 2002 572
Colorado's Amendment 2 May 1996: in Romer V. Evans, the Supreme Court rules that laws protecting gay people cannot be banned by popular vote, overturning Colorado's antigay amendment. (Changing perceptions). Nov 12, 2002 238
Native son: Arizona activist Jack Jackson Jr. has championed Native American and gay causes for years. Next year he'll have a new role: lawmaker. (Behind the Headlines). Oct 29, 2002 652
Baby Bills: a crop of candidates from the Clinton administration could add new life to gay political causes. (2002 Election Watch). Oct 29, 2002 1193
Pataki's predicament: an unfulfilled promise could stand in the way of gay support for the New York governor's reelection bid. (2002 Election Watch). Oct 29, 2002 742
Reaching the top at the LAPD: after 27 years with the Los Angeles Police Department, out officer David Kalish found himself a top candidate to become chief. (Behind the Headlines). Oct 15, 2002 692
Victory in Virginia: after state officials blocked her from adopting because she is a lesbian, Linda Kaufman took on the system--and won. (Behind the Headlines). Interview Oct 1, 2002 643
The Rocker files: it was just an ordinary day for Dallas restaurant manager Andy Allison--then antigay ballplayer John Rocker came in to eat. (Behind the Headlines). Sep 17, 2002 645
Northern enlightenment: Canada has something to teach the U.S. when it comes to equal recognition of gay and lesbian relationships. (Marriage). Sep 17, 2002 1254
White House AIDS shake-up: as one openly gay AIDS czar is replaced with another, activists are left to ask: What is Bush's AIDS strategy? (Health). Sep 3, 2002 664
Full assault on sodomy laws: the repeal of Arkansas's sodomy law and the arrest of six men at a Missouri video store are just the latest examples of turmoil over these archaic antigay laws. (The Sex Issue). Aug 20, 2002 1177
The quiet crusader: Stephen Herbits has worked for every Republican president since Richard Nixon. Now the openly gay Defense Department insider--who opposes "don't ask, don't tell"--is fighting for gay rights in Florida's Miami-Dade County. (People). Jul 23, 2002 2643
Northern exposure: how an Alaska law denying benefits to same-sex partners of state employees turned a lesbian mom into an activist. (Behind the Headlines). Brief Article Jul 9, 2002 624
ENDA game. (Politics). Brief Article Jun 25, 2002 148
Mentor with care: with same-sex child abuse much in the news, gay adults may hesitate to work with youth. But most agencies have effective policies to protect their charges and avoid even the appearance of impropriety. (Young & Gay in the USA). Brief Article Jun 25, 2002 754
Better living here in Allentown: Steve Black and other local activists shepherd the passage of antidiscrimination protections in the heart of blue-collar America. (Behind the Headlines). Interview May 28, 2002 661
Bush's abstinence man: Tom Coburn, head of the president's AIDS advisory council, preaches his preference for "just say no" over condom-based HIV education. (Health Update). May 28, 2002 1091
Support from Ashcroft: hate crimes get overdue attention as the attorney general applies a little-known law to a six-year-old murder. (Justice). Brief Article May 14, 2002 342
The end of the affair. (Politics). Brief Article May 14, 2002 120
Students vs. big business: a Swarthmore College sophomore talks about how her group got the school to use its economic clout to push for gay rights at Lockheed. (Behind the Headlines). Brief Article May 14, 2002 622
California crossroads: the first Democratic governor of California in almost two decades, Gray Davis is running for reelection on a record of historic gains for gay rights. But will he continue to take the Golden State in the direction of Vermont? (politics). May 14, 2002 2278
The new face of gay conservatives: Republicans control the White House, the House of Representatives, and a majority of governorships. Now a new wave of openly gay conservatives wants to put gay rights on the agenda in George Bush's America. (Cover Story). Apr 16, 2002 1517
Birds of a feather: meet Wendell and Cass, the gay male penguin couple at the New York Aquarium. (Behind the Headlines). Brief Article Apr 2, 2002 676
Rx for gay parenting: a Missouri physician talks about the American Academy of Pediatrics' pro-gay proclamation regarding adoption rights. (Behind the Headlines). Brief Article Mar 19, 2002 582
Enron's domestic-partner scam. (Finance). Brief Article Mar 19, 2002 518
The politics of prevention: in a nod to the conservatives who put him in office, President Bush packs his AIDS policy panel with supporters of abstinence-based sex education. (AIDS). Mar 19, 2002 1152
Brock in the hot seat: after catching hell for vilifying the private lives of Anita Hill and Bill Clinton, gay onetime conservative David Brock takes on his former friends on the right. (People). Interview Mar 19, 2002 2221
The college sports closet: increased attention from the NCAA and pressure applied by gay activists may finally even the playing field for gay athletes. (Athletics). Mar 5, 2002 1485
Shaking up Salt Lake City: the ACLU's Stephen Clark talks about gay activism at the 2002 Winter Olympics and what it's like to be openly gay in Mormon country. (Behind the Headlines). Interview Feb 19, 2002 619
Lessons from Israel: Tel Aviv's first out lesbian elected official, Michal Eden, talks about the worldwide struggle for peace--both political and personal. (Behind the Headlines). Brief Article Feb 5, 2002 624
Frank and outspoken: on the eve of President Bush's State of the Union address, gay statesman Barney Frank gives his own assessment of where we stand. (Politics). Interview Feb 5, 2002 2250
Not-so-civil war: the controversy stirred up by renegade AIDS activists in San Francisco is just one of many distractions from an increasingly crucial question: Can AIDS prevention programs be fixed? (Aids). Jan 22, 2002 1527
Out of the closet, off the pulpit: Methodist minister Karen Dammann found that being honest with her church about her family has cost her the job she loved. (Behind the Headlines). Brief Article Dec 4, 2001 693
Bush's AIDS aide: his appointment sparked fury all around Washington; now Scott Evertz tells his side of the story. (Politics). Interview Dec 4, 2001 2384
"Don't ask don't tell" goes to war: for the first time, the policy that failed in peacetime is being tested in battle. (Cover Story). Cover Story Dec 4, 2001 2663
Sweet success: after years of championing equal rights for same-sex couples in California, Carole Migden watches her dreams become legislative reality. (Behind the Headlines). Brief Article Nov 20, 2001 633
Out of the brewing storm: as the openly gay son of William Coors, patriarch of the famously conservative family, Scott Coors may be the beer company's best weapon against a 24-year boycott. (Business). Nov 6, 2001 2387
United we stand? The antigay rhetoric in this fall's election battles--most heated in Virginia's statewide races--was driven underground by the events of September 11. But how this newfound civility will play out at the ballot box on November 6 remains an open question. (Election Preview). Nov 6, 2001 1236
A new gay ambassador. Brief Article Oct 23, 2001 163
Courage under fire. Brief Article Oct 23, 2001 659
Gay, Muslim, and scared. Oct 23, 2001 705
The education of Sen. Smith: the staunch Oregon Republican becomes one of the biggest Senate supporters of the federal hate-crimes bill. Oct 9, 2001 2342
Remembering Jesse: the archconservativess planned retirement marks the end of a painful antigay era in Congress. Oct 9, 2001 657
To catch a killer. Brief Article Sep 25, 2001 385
Rudy's roomies. Brief Article Sep 11, 2001 718
Nightline's choice. Brief Article Sep 11, 2001 1044
In the line of fire. Interview Aug 28, 2001 576
Bad faith. Aug 28, 2001 1317
A 20-year survivor. Brief Article Jul 17, 2001 754
Barry Winchell's legacy. Jul 17, 2001 1211
Mom vs. military. Brief Article Jul 3, 2001 747
The task ahead. Jul 3, 2001 1129
Precedent setting. Brief Article Jun 19, 2001 688
Much ado about changing. Jun 19, 2001 1191
Going local. Jun 19, 2001 1573
Benefit of transition. Brief Article Jun 5, 2001 706
FANNING THE FLAMES. May 22, 2001 1405
SPIELBERG YELLS "CUT". Brief Article May 22, 2001 256
The ambassador of music. Interview May 8, 2001 1819
Missed appointments. Brief Article Apr 24, 2001 1037
Eminem 101. Brief Article Apr 10, 2001 627
Patching up the party. Interview Mar 27, 2001 613
Don't ask, do pay. Brief Article Mar 13, 2001 692
A question of loyalty. Mar 13, 2001 2071
Benecke, at ease. Brief Article Feb 27, 2001 723
Same players, new game. Feb 27, 2001 1419
The ambassador's story. Interview Feb 13, 2001 2046
Gays in Bush's midst. Brief Article Jan 30, 2001 702
Uncharted waters. Jan 30, 2001 1550

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