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Bulk filling system.

This bulk filling system with a high-lift drum dumper automatically transfers bulk solid materials from drums to the machine's fill head dust-free, fills pails by weight and verifies fill weight accuracy. Drums are loaded at floor level onto a platen that lifts hydraulically to form a dust-tight seal between the drum lip and gasketed discharge cone. The entire drum carriage elevates hydraulically, then tips, causing the discharge cone to mate with a gasketed receiving ring on the filling machine's surge hopper lid. A slide gate valve at the cone spout is then actuated, allowing material to fill the hopper with no dusting. Pails are indexed by a roller conveyor with photo-eyes, filled by a rotary valve under gain-in-weight-control and conveyed to a second scale for check weighing. (Flexicon)

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Title Annotation:Equipment
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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