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Bulgarians will Spend a Quarter of their Salary for Christmas Presents.

Bulgarian households will spend up to 25% of their monthly incomes for Christmas-New Year's gifts, according to the FERATUM Group 2018 Christmas Barometer, conducted in 19 countries. It places Bulgaria at fourth place on planned expenses for the upcoming holidays.

The Mexicans are on top of the ranking, have projected almost half of their salary (48%) for the purpose, the Brazilian (38%) and the Romanians (29%).

The Dutch and the Germans will spend at least 10 percent of their monthly income. The Finns plan to spend 11 percent, while the Danes - 13 percent of their revenue.

"Bulgaria ranks as the top position for the highest Christmas spending compared to disposable income.Bulgarians still prefer the traditional way of shopping, while 21% of respondents will make their Christmas purchases online.The online purchases in the UK and Germany top this ranking. - commented Ivet Dimitrova, managing director of "Feratum Bulgaria" in a company announcement.

The survey results show Brazilians and Romanians are willing to spend more money on Christmas travel, or up to 27% of their monthly income. For Bulgarians, the eligible cost is up to 23 per cent, and the respondents from Poland, Latvia and the Netherlands will only allocate 10-13 per cent for travel.

In the Christmas barometer, 18% of respondents said their new year's desire was to spend more time with their relatives. Another 14% said they wanted to travel more and 13% - that they would like to renovate their house. Sport and a healthy lifestyle are also high on the list, with 12% of participants saying they would like to exercise more, the study shows.

The most popular Christmas present in 2018 will be clothing, as this answer is indicated by 16% of respondents. Other preferred gifts are toys (10%), pastries (9%) and family fun (8%). According to the survey, 52% of respondents said they would cover the cost of Christmas holiday with savings.

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Publication:Sofia News Agency
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Date:Dec 10, 2018
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