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Bulgarians Consume the Least Fruit and Vegetables in the EU According to Eurostat.

Our country ranks at the bottom of the EU by the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed, according to data from Eurostat's analysis of the consumption of these products in the EU countries in 2017. Only about 37 percent of Bulgarians consume fruits every day, and 45 percent of our compatriots eat vegetables on a daily basis, according to European statistics.

According to the national statistics, Bulgarians consume an average of 50 kg of fruit in 2017 (or 4 kg per month) and 68 kg of vegetables - about 6 kg per month.

Again, according to NSI data, Bulgarians preferred the consumption of southern fruit - 14 kg per year, as well as of melons and watermelons - 13 kg, apples - 11 kg, grapes - 2 kg, pears - only 1 kg and others.

The tomatoes - 20 kg for the entire 2017, cucumbers - 10 kg, pepper - also 10 kg, cabbage - 6 kg, other vegetables - 13 kg, etc. were among the top priorities for the Bulgarians. Other preferable non-meat products at the bulk of the Bulgarian were potatoes - 26 kg per year, as well as the different types of canned vegetables - about 12 kg per year. As a whole, Bulgarians eat twice as much meat as fruit - the most preferred meat in our country is chicken - 12 kg per person per year. Next are pork - 10 kg, minced meat - 7 kg, beef - 1 kg and more.

Besides, the most preferred product on the Bulgarian table is the bread - about 90 kg per year or about 2 kg per week.

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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Date:Apr 2, 2019
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