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Bulgarian Transport Records Diverse Results in Q1 2014.

In Q1 of 2014 compared to the previous quarter, the percentage of goods carried by the freight transport have risen by 3.8%, while the transport performance has fallen by 2.8%.

In comparison with the fourth quarter of 2013 the transported passengers as well the transport performance by the passenger land, water and urban electrical transport has decreased by 14.0% and 2.5 %, respectively, according to Bulgarian National Statistical Institute preliminary data.

According to preliminary non-adjusted data during the first quarter of 2014 in comparison with the same period of 2013 an increase by 19.7% in the transported goods by land and water transport was observed, while the transport performance has fallen by 13.1%.

Compared to the corresponding quarter of the previous year a decrease was observed both in the number of transported passengers and the transport performance of the passenger transport by 10.6% and 4.9%, respectively.

In the first quarter of 2014 the transported goods by land transport were 27 040.7 thousand tons or by 5 209.1 thousand tons more than the corresponding quarter of 2013.

The transported goods as well the transport performance by water transport have registered a drop compared to the first quarter of 2013 a by 7 04.0 thousand tons and 1 743.9 million tkm, respectively.

During the first quarter of 2014 the enterprises from the urban electrical transport have transported 67 577.0 thousand passengers or by 15.3 % less in comparison with the corresponding period of the previous year.
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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Article Type:Financial report
Date:May 28, 2014
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