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Bulgarian Right Wing Vows to Stay United against GERB.

The Sofia City Council of the Bulgarian right-wing Union of Democratic Forces, UDF, party voted Sunday to remain in coalition with their partner, Democrats for Strong Bulgaria, DSB.

With 49 votes for and 5 against UDF decided to not split the right wing any further.

During an emergency press conference Saturday, DSB threatened to register on their own for the mayoral elections in Sofia, saying the Blue Coalition with UDF is being replaced with another one a DSB were outraged that UDF signed an agreement with the United Democratic Forces (ODS) party of former Mayor of Sofia and now again mayoral hopeful, Stefan Sofiyanski, for the joint endorsement of the Blue Coalition's presidential bidder, Rumen Hristov.

All throughout the day Saturday, UDF failed to react, but it was announced in the evening that the two political formations have reached an agreement on the number of municipal councilmen.

Borislav Borislavov, Chair of the Sofia UDF branch, confirmed the announcement at a press conference Sunday, adding the right wing must remain united in order to counter the ruling Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria, GERB, party.

"We are the only formation that can score a victory against GERB in Sofia. We will seek the support of all center-right parties in the country for the local and presidential elections. No one has the right to hurdle the consolidation of the right wing. I am sorry negotiations with DSB for the mayoral nomination in Sofia ended up being so difficult," UDF leader, Martin Dimitrov, pointed out.
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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Date:Aug 28, 2011
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