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Bulgarian Parliament Elected Stefka Stoeva as Chair of the New Central Election Commission.

Parliament on 20th of March elected Stefka Stoeva as chairperson of the new Central Election Commission. The nomination of Stoeva came from the largest parliamentary group - GERB, reports BNT.

Stoeva is a lawyer and a judge at the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC). In addition to being a judge in the SAC, she was the head of the Fourth Section in the Supreme Administrative Court, which handles complaints about violations in the election process. Stefka Stoeva also held the position of Deputy Chair of the Supreme Administrative Court.

The MPs also approved the BSP's proposal for Deputy Chairperson of the CEC, Silva Duchendzhieva for the post. Her nomination was presented by MP Dragomir Stoynev, who today came to Parliament as an exception, after the left-wing parliamentary group has not participated in sittings for a month. Silva Duchendzhieva is a lawyer and was a member of the CEC for the local elections in 2017; for Members of the European Parliament in 2009; for Members of the European Parliament in 2009. She was also a member of the election commission from 2011 to 2014.

The MPs also approved associate professor Tanya Yosifova as deputy chair. She was nominated by the minority partner in the coalition government, the United Patriots. She has over 20 years of experience in civil law and is a lecturer at UNWE, SWU "Neofit Rilski" and the Academy of the Ministry of Interior. Yosifova has not been a member of the Election Commission so far.

The nomination for deputy chairperson of Kristina Tsankova-Stefanova, proposed by the parliamentary group of "Volya", was also approved.

The nomination for CEC secretary came from the MRF parliamentary group and was also approved by the majority. The Secretary will again be Sevinch Solakova, who holds the post at present. She has a degree in law. Solakova was a member of the CEC from 1995 to 2005 and a secretary from 2011 until now.

According to the Election Code, only the leadership is elected by the Parliament. The other members of the Commission are appointed by a decree of the head of state a the President. The current CEC term in office expires on 21 March.

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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Date:Mar 21, 2019
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