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Bulgarian Parliament Committee Rejects Motion to Reintroduce Military Draft.

The defence committee in Bulgariaas parliament has turned downA a proposal to reinstate the universal military conscription.

Defence Minister Nikolay Nenchev told the committee on Thursday that a return to the military draft will require a considerable increase in budget spending, public broadcaster BNR reported.

Moreover, a mandatory military service of less than a year wouldnat be long enough to ensure comprehensive initial military training, Nenchev added.

The <a href="">proposal to reintroduce theA draft wasA put forward by the nationalist Patriotic Front (PF), which supports the minority coalition government in parliament but has no cabinet ministers.

PF co-chairman Krasimir Karakachanov told the committee that Bulgariaas professional army of some 30,000 servicemen was too small to defend the country in case of need. He added that military conscription could exist alongside professional army, according to BNR.





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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Date:Jul 22, 2016
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