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Bulgarian Birth Rate Collapsing, Death Rate Climbing.

A total of 76 105, or 5 443 fewer children than in 2009, were born in Bulgaria 2010, while 2079 more people died year on year, the country's National Statistical Institute has revealed.

The Southeastern town of Sliven saw the highest birth rate in Bulgaria 2010, mainly because of its Roma population. It is also the country's youngest town, with the highest share of individuals aged under 18. The Southwestern town of Kyustendil and the Northwestern Vidin have the lowest birth rates.

The natality in Bulgaria during the last five years is at the level observed in number of Europeans countries2 like Greece, Switzerland, Romania, Malta and Hungary. Lowest natality is observed in Germany, Austria, Italy and Portugal a less than 10.0a[degrees]. The highest natality level amongst the European countries is observed in Ireland (16.7a[degrees]), France and Great Britain (12.8a[degrees])

The age Bulgarian women have their first child has increased to 26.2, or 4 years later than in 1995. Most children are born by unmarried women a 54%.

Bulgaria has the worst death rate in the EU 27 -14.6 promilles, the average for the bloc being 9.7 promilles. A total of 110 165 people died in the country in 2010, 23% of them under 65. The average life expectancy is 70.0 and 77.2 for men and women respectively. The infant mortality rate is 9.4 promilles, while the average for the Union is 4.3 promilles.

Bulgaria's population has decreased by over half million people (581 750) since 2001, according to the recently conducted Census, Bulgarians in the country are now 7A 351A 234.

From 1992 until 2011, the population went down by 773A 784 over the negative natural growth while 410A 472 have emigrated. The largest population decrease has been registered in 2002 a by 46A 118 people.
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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Date:Apr 27, 2011
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