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Bulgaria to Overtake Croatia in Doing Business Rankings?

Provided it is more successful than Croatian in reforms, Bulgaria could overtake Croatia in the World Bankas Doing Business Rankings, warns the most recent analysis of business climate prepared by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK),A reports Jutarnji ListA on January 8, 2019, quoted byA

The HGK analysis is based on international competitiveness and business conditions research, especially the World Bankas Doing Business. The Chamber is particularly concerned about the slow and costly administrative procedures encountered by entrepreneurs in Croatia.

The most critical point of doing business in Croatia is the issuing of building permits. Croatia is the weakest member of the EU on this indicator, and at the global level, there are just 31 countries worse than Croatia. The progress that has been achieved over the years in this area is slow, and in some years, according to the HGK, there has even been deterioration. The number of procedures needed (22) has not changed since 2011, while the number of days required to be issued a building permit (146) has remained the same since 2015. It should be noted that the time needed to receive a building permit differs from town to town, and the Doing Business rankings are based on Zagreb.

aObviously, here the most critical issue is cost, although we need to reduce the number of procedures as well. In Croatia, there are costs connected with 14 out of 22 procedures, while in Malta there are costs for 6 out of 14 procedures. The utility fee represents close to 70 percent of all the costs associated with obtaining a building permit,a said the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. In Malta, the cost of issuing building permits is two percent of the investment value, while in Croatia it reaches 10.9 percent.

The area of issuing building permits is one of those which substantially affect the ease of doing business, and many countries have implemented reforms during the last year. Their efforts involved speeding up procedures, shortening the time needed to collect documents, reducing costs, and digitalisation. On the other hand, Croatia is still waiting for the real reforms in this area.

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Publication:Sofia News Agency
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Date:Jan 8, 2019
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