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Bulgaria is ranked in Top 50 according to the Global Innovation Index.

Bulgaria is ranked in Top 50 according to the sixth edition of The Global Innovation Index (GII), co-published by the Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).A total of 16 European countries are among the Top 25 according to the world report, thirteen of them from the EU. Fifteen countries follow among the Top 50, including all remaining EU countries, with the exception of Greece which stays out of the top half with its 55th place. Bulgaria is at the still high 41st position, leaving Romania (48th) and Poland (49th) behind.According to the "top-performance by an income group" statistics where the results are based on the development stages of countries, captured by the World Bank income classifications, Bulgaria again is among the 10 best performers in the three indices: Global Innovation Index, Innovation Output Sub-Index and Innovation Efficiency Ratio. The efficiency ratio is designed to be neutral to countries' stages of development, and the data indeed reflect this neutrality. Among upper-middle-income countries, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Latvia, Malaysia, and Romania make it to the top 40 globally on outputs, surmounting lower capabilities.In the overall ranking of countries according to the Global Innovation Index in 2011 Bulgaria takes 42nd place, 49th in 2010 and 74th in 2009. This statistics shows not only that we are passing the first half, but even the first third of the ranking of countries in global innovation. The formation of this trend speaks of a tangible progress in the field of innovation in our country. Invest in Bulgaria
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Date:Aug 28, 2013
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