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Bulgaria Has Formally Completed US Conditions For Visa Removal.

Bulgaria has formally fulfilled the last requirement for the removal of US visas for Bulgarian citizens.The draft intergovernmental agreement between Bulgaria and US on exchanging information on targeted terrorism surveillance, approved by Bulgaria's government on Wednesday, creates a legal framework for bilateral exchange of information with a view to preventing terrorism.The agreement is part of the preparations for Bulgaria's inclusion in the US Visa Waiver Program (VWP).The formal completion of the requirements, however, does not mean that the US visa requirement for Bulgarian citizens will be removed soon. According to publications in Bulgarian-language media, there is another obstacle a the share of visa refusals must go below 3% for the preceding fiscal year. Currently it is 19%.A In February Bulgaria asked the European Commission (EC) for support because of the lack of visa reciprocity between Bulgaria and the US, Canada and Australia.
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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Geographic Code:4EXBU
Date:Mar 13, 2014
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