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Bulgaria's Rulers GERB: PES Takes Toll on Stanishev.

Bulgaria's ruling center right GERB party has slammed in a statement Saturday criticisms against it voiced by PES and Bulgarian Socialist Party leader Sergey Stanishev.

"During the last few days we are frequently witnessing how socialist leader Sergey Stanishev is losing his temper," reads GERB's position.

"Apparently Stanishev's recent election for PES president is taking its stressful toll on him," explain the center-rightists.

The statement goes on to dismiss much of the socialist's criticisms as allegedly irrelevant and misguided.

In particular, GERB states that the failure of the Belene NPP project - for which Stanishev blames the GERB government that froze it - project is due Stanishev's own failure to sign an adequate contract with the Russian side while being Bulgaria's PM 2005-9.

"False propaganda is no longer working and Bulgarian citizens will not trust you so easy, Mr. Stanishev," continues the acerbic open letter.

GERB go on to brag about the many infrastructure projects completed and inaugurated by GERB chair and Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov.

The statement further points out the alleged confidence that EU leaders have in Borisov's cabinet, as contrasted with a purported lack of trust in Stanishev's coalition government.
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Publication:Sofia News Agency
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Date:Oct 6, 2012
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