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Built-in melt automation technology boosts induction power supply.

For many metalcasting facilities, automation is a top priority. Often it is the key to remaining competitive in what is now a challenging global marketplace. Facilities can optimize their automation with the VIP Melt-Manager Plus induction power supply from Inductotherm, Rancocas, N.J., which combines efficient and reliable melting cycles with built-in melt control.

The automation technology provides operator assistance for the complete melting cycle based on the operator-entered charge weight and the kilowatt hours per ton needed to reach the desired pouring temperature. Melt Manager Plus controls the melting cycle and turns the VIP power supply off or lowers it to hold power when the cycle is complete. This control of melting and holding power can optimize power usage and reduce electric utility charges.

The preheat, sintering features and enhancements reduce manpower requirements and improve lining life. With the operator-entered automatic preheat feature, Melt Manager Plus will turn on the system at a preset time at a reduced power level designed to preheat the furnace lining. This allows the operator to initiate full melting operations at the start of the production shift, reducing staffing costs and enhancing lining life.

Sintering is controlled with up to eight operator-entered steps. Each step includes a heating rate, target temperature, hold time and maximum sinter temperature deviation. During the first stages of the sinter process, temperature data is captured from the thermocouples that measure the temperature of the lining form. This data stream ends when the thermocouples reach their failure temperature. As the cycle progresses, a chart on the Melt Manager Plus screen displays the temperature set points, maximum deviation and temperatures from the thermocouples.

Melt-Manager Plus' ability to record, display, store, print and communicate a wide variety of operational data gives operators and managers the information they need to maximize melt shop productivity. The equipment records power level, frequency, voltages, currents, weights and temperatures (for sintering) on a real-time basis and displays this data in chart form on the flat screen display. It also records and displays the system's alarm history log, providing a clear view of the day's operations for easy identification of utilization factors, overall production efficiency and any operational delays. Service engineers also can use this information for system diagnostic purposes.

The unit's new design also features a Windows-based operating system in which all controls and system data are displayed and operated on a touch-sensitive, flat panel video screen located on the VIP unit's control panel and/or on a separate remote.

The operator's main screen includes real-time information on power (kW), ground leakage (mAmps), furnace current (Amps), furnace volts (Volts), capacitor volts (Volts) and frequency (Hertz).

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