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Building frozen food machinery, equipment yet another Dutch, Belgian specialization.

Building Frozen Food Machinery, Equipment Yet Another Dutch, Belgian Specialization

For many years now the Benelux countries have been in the forefront of supplying machinery and equipment to the international frozen food industry. Success has not been by accident. Innovation is obviously an important link in the chain. Then there is after-sales service. Certain companies have built a global network of agents to carry out maintenance and ensure prompt repairs, whether in Australia or Timbuktu!!

Quick Frozen Foods International files the following report based on a recent tour of equipment manufacturers in the region:


F.A.M. NV/SA of Wilrijk claims wide acceptance of its multi-cutter machines, with over 90% exported to EEC countries, the Eastern bloc, Middle East nations and others.

Recent development spotlighted advancements on two of their units. Firstly, model 9383 is an extension to model 7944 -- a French fry cutter. This machine was often required to perform dicing duties too. Hence the new model has a hingeable circular knife spindle which performs dicing dimensions. The conversion only takes five minutes. Model 9372 is a transverse slicer designed for elongated products up to 90mm in diameter. Its predecessor had a conveyor push system, but by placing the conveyor motor directly behind the slicing wheel more efficiency is achieved.

Stork Titan

Situated at Haaksbergen, Stork Titan BV specializes in installing everything from single units to complete production lines to process meat, poultry, fish, potatoes and vegetables. The company's customer association does not begin and end with the supplying of equipment: full technical guidance is available along with complete layout, planning and engineering services.

One of the firm's most successful markets is in the potato processing industry where its equipment is widely used. Machinery has been developed for the forming, shaping, coating and pre-frying of so-called "potato by-products," items which allow processors to divert away from the "chip only" image. By-products are shaped on one basic forming and portioning machine with various forming tools. Products turned out include noisettes, croquettes (both rolled and extruded), waffles and duchess potatoes--all of which can be shaped in various capacities to meet customers' specifications.

Key Technology

Key Technology BV of Enschede is the European sales and servicing office for Key Technology Inc., Oregon, U.S.A. The company has quickly established a reputation for dependability and has reported healthy sales for both the Iso-Flo Vibratory Conveyor and the Optical Sorting System (Opti-Sort). Iso-Flo conveyors are custom-designed, and applications and duties performed include spreading, aligning, orientling and separating. The system can operate as low as 72 DBA, thus allowing for significant noise reduction.

Originally designed for chips and diced vegetables, optical sorting techniques have been further developed for certain fruits. Machines to do the job are being installed in many new plants, thus doing away with the drudgery and tedium associated with the sorting of defective products by hand. Opti-Sort uses sophisticated cameras and equipment which is fully adjustable for both sensitivity and size. The systems purge all signs of product blemishes and foreign bodies, speeding up production and enhancing the final product.

Koppens Machinefabriek

Since 1961 Koppens Machinefabriek BV of Bakel has been impressing the international frozen food industry with its inventiveness. The principals, Wim and Nelly Koppens, are renowned for their energy, courtesy and integrity. Since their entry into the business with portioning/forming machinery, they have continually developed equipment allowing the installation of complete processing lines for production of value-added dishes across the food spectrum. For customers' product development purposes, a fully-equipped experimental kitchen is available at the Koppens plant premises.


Not all Dutch machinery manufacturers cater to processors of fish, meat or vegetables alone. Machinefabriek C. Rijkaart BV of Asperen has created and installed a wide range of bakery equipment. Offering high technology efficiently, the company encourages customers to test their products in its in-house bakery.

The Rijkaart Laminator is fully automatic and produces puff and Danish pastry to any required layer specifications. The machine's roll-in method allows a capacity of up to 2,250 kilos, and the French technique boasts capacities up to 6,500 kilos.

The Rijkaart Pie Line produces a range of pies acceptable to any market: round, square, oval of oblong in pre-formed baking trays or aluminum foils, and in any required diameter. It also turns out products with most types of filling, with lattice lids or with closed coverings. In addition, it handles automatic supply of raw materials to the machine, removal, deep freezing, baking, cooling and conveyance to packaging.


Grasso Koninklijke Machinefabrieken NV of Hertogenbosch is the holding company for Grasso Products BV and Grenco Process Technology BV, plus other organizations. Operations include design, manufacturing, installing and servicing components and equipment used principally by the food and deep sea fishing industries. Refrigeration installations are handled by Grenco, while refrigerating compressors and stop valves for refrigerating plants are manufactured by Grasso companies in Holland and the United States.

Consumption of fruit juices has grown considerably over recent years and up until now the principal method used to produce concentrates was evaporation. As this required heat, it inevitably led to thermal degradation of the product and loss of aroma and volatiles. The introduction of freeze concentration has counteracted these drawbacks and enabled producers to process juice which retains not only flavor and color, but also vitamin content. One of the world's largest orange juice producers is reportedly already using Grenco's freeze concentration system. Others include Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. (grapefruits) of the U.S.A., Ehime Seikaren (mandarins) of Japan, and Italy's Iprona (berries).

PHOTO : The new transverse slicer (model 9372) from FAM NV/SA of Belgium, Application is for

PHOTO : slicing elongated products up to 90mm in diameter.

PHOTO : A complete processing line supplied by Stork Titan BV. The system consists ofpredusting

PHOTO : and battering machinery, a tempura-dip unit, and a flash-frying unit.

PHOTO : Nelly Koppens of Koppens Machinefabriek BV considers staff relations an important part of

PHOTO : any company wishing to succeed and stay on top.
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Date:Jan 1, 1989
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