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Building a business on service and motivation: Anthony Trupiano loves the insurance world--and it shows in his practice's steady, double-digit growth.

As the owner of the Jacksonville, FL-based Trupiano & Associates, Anthony Trupiano loves helping people.

And it shows in his company's numbers. The firm has been up and running for eight years, and in that time, Trupiano has seen about 25 percent growth every single year.

Trupiano started his career in sales training and, in the course of his work, became attracted to the financial services business. Today, Trupiano & Associates is an independent insurance company that works in the group business market, as well as conducting private planning for its clients. The practice has 350 clients in 14 states, and Trupiano anticipates continued growth in the future.

So what is it that makes this producer's practice so successful?

Q In your eyes, what makes your practice stand out from others?

AT: We disclose everything to every client. Whether we have to disclose commissions or not, we tell them. We make a list of pros and cons for everything we do and share it with our clients. We gain their trust.

Q What stumbling blocks have you run into during your time in the business?

AT: Getting in front of new people can be tough. The only thing we do for marketing is client events, so we have a mastermind group--that's my top five clients in New Jersey--and I will get together with them a couple of times a year and ask them what topic or area of investing they would like to learn more about. Then, I will find a speaker and put a presentation together on that topic and invite [the group members] to a private dinner for clients or spouses; they can bring any referrals along with them to enjoy the dinner. In the last five years, we only get clients from referrals. If you're sitting in front of us, you've been referred; we don't do any other marketing.

Q What advice would you give other producers in your situation who want to grow their businesses like you have?

AT: Well, something we do--and this is one of the best things--is we have a big whiteboard that's broken up to where it can hold 28 personal accounts and 20 groups and any renewals, and when we look at that board, anytime somebody refers us to someone, we add it and we have weekly meetings off that. It works for a couple of reasons. We can go through our meetings and go through client to client on the board and delegate them. We also know how busy we are and what we're working on. If the board is down to 10 people, we know we have to get more referrals. It's a great visual for agents to know what they're working on. If I didn't come back and write referrals on the board, how would I know to start working on them?


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