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Building a Mortgage Banking Team: Hiring and Managing Top Achievers.

A welcome addition to MBA's internal management publications is Building a Mortgage Banking Team: Hiring and Managing Top Achievers. The title of this book is a management tenet--team building--accomplished by hiring the right people and managing them in a style that produces top achievers.

In the book, top mortgage banking industry leaders talk about their management styles, philosophies and techniques. The clear and practical insights they offer provide useful suggestions for team-building. They also confirm that fundamental management principles are a matter of common sense.

The management styles represented are diverse, as they should be, depending on the individuals and corporate culture involved. Industry leaders reveal that successful management requires more than lip service and occasional attention. It is a full-time job where consistent strategies are the hallmark of success.

The chapter devoted to hiring and firing sums it up well in the author's opening sentence: "Hiring the right people to do the job is the first battle in the war of competition." The term "right" means the candidate is well-suited for the job and for the organization. I know a successful individual with major staffing responsibilities, and in her office, she has the following saying--"It is easier to hire a flamingo than to hire a hedgehog and train to be a flamingo."

Also discussed are recruiting strategies, working with headhunters, interviewing techniques and hiring from within. The insight offered by Tony Schweiger, CMB, Meridian Mortgage Corporation, Wayne, Pennsylvania, on evaluating job candidates, gives a unique perspective on the often difficult task of finding out what makes a person tick.

Success in management is limited by poor internal organization. Building a mortgage banking team complements its discussion of management styles with a compilation of organization charts and job descriptions from representative firms in the industry. Each job description gives a job summary and lists duties, responsibilities, job dimensions and position requirements. The job descriptions cover the areas of loan production, secondary marketing, servicing and administration/operations. For anyone responsible for developing or reviewing job descriptions, this section of the book is a valuable resource.

Readers of this book get the benefit of practical thinking and action plans on an array of management issues--the role of the human resource department, company communications and structural diversity. Again, one aspect I appreciated most was the author's recognition that management styles and techniques must include room for individual and corporate attributes--not "one-size fits all" thinking. In addition, the book does a good job of acknowledging the paramount importance of managing by leadership and action, while recognizing the overriding contribution of the human element in corporate success.

Michael Honeycutt is the director of training for the Mortgage Bankers Association of America, Washington, D.C.

This book is available from MBA publication sales by calling (202) 861-5570.
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Date:Aug 1, 1992
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